Nails! ~ NOTW | Maybelline Color Show Nail Enamel in Constant Candy, Bold Gold and Colorama Nail Polish in Astral| Christmassy Nail Art Attempt ~

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The Maybelline Color Show bug has bitten me too, I WANT them. The tragedy is that they are not available anywhere near to me, and I don’t mind ordering them online but none of the online shops have all the shades I want. So I’ve resigned to the fact that I’ll have to buy shades individually, and not all at once. I asked my sister to buy me Constant Candy from her store, but she needed me to buy something more so that she could pay by her credit card (needs a bill above Rs.100). Now, I have a list of things I need from MNY, other than Color Show(CS) nail polishes but somehow I forgot all of that and asked my sister what all CS shades were available at her store, the bug I tell you. None of the other shades that I wanted were available, still it didn’t occur to me that I needed a new mascara and also a compact, I just told my sister to take CS Bold Gold even though its not on my list of wanted CS nail polishes. 

(L-R) Constant Candy, Bold Gold, Astral
After taking the nail polishes I started right away with this nail art I wanted to try. You can see the video here, I take absolutely no credit for the technique, it is just something I liked and I wanted to try out. The youtube user simplenailartdesigns is really amazing, I recently discovered her while browsing for simple nail art(duh!).

From the video (for which I have previously mentioned the link) I performed only the parts I felt were absolutely easy & I could do quickly. I tried this nail art twice with different nail polishes. The first time I tried it was on 15th, the day I had to leave home and return to college hostel, I was upset about having to go back so soon and I figured any form of makeup would cheer me up.

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The first time, with- MNY CS Constant Candy & Bold Gold

(L-R) Constant Candy, Bold Gold
Each costs Rs.75.
Few things I realised while doing this nail art:
  •   Constant Candy is the worst nail polish I have worked with.
  •  Bold Gold is AMAZING.
  •  I don’t have a top coat.
  •  I still have to take bath.

You can imagine how upset I was, I had left my top coat at the college hostel! The good news was that I was going back that very day, but bad news- I still had to take bath! I thought, ”anyways this hasn’t turned out good, I’ll do it again tomorrow”. So I took bath and amazingly the nail art did not get disturbed at all.

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the poor pinky nail, grr.. Constant Candy
But this wasn’t an easy nail art to do because Constant Candy is an absolute dud of a nail polish to work with, in terms of texture. It is a pale, pale pink color, its very cute and appeals to all my girly senses. I wasn’t able to do my pinky finger because Constant Candy got disturbed due to cello tape. So unexpectedly bad. >.<

Bold Gold on the other hand, is an amazing nail polish to work with. I get why it’s on Cynthia’s top 10 must have list of Color Show Nail Enamels. It’s the best nail polish for this nail art, because it goes opaque in one coat. It looks like molten gold, and it’s so easy to apply; it’s hard to go wrong when using this. This was unexpected good, because I have a MNY color tattoo called Bold Gold which I absolutely hate, and I’ve reviewed it here, in case you want to know why. Bold Gold color tattoo is the reason why I did not want Color Show Bold Gold but I’m so happy I brought it! I foresee myself using this beauty in many forthcoming nail arts.

 And yeah, Maybelline, it wouldn’t kill ya to think of different names for different products, would it?

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now

This is how the nail art looked on the second day sans topcoat, after two more baths and countless handwashes. It stayed pretty good, but it wasn’t perfect to begin with. I wanted to do it again, but I didn’t want to use Constant Candy again. So I decided to use another nail polish from my collection.

       The second time, with- MNY Colorama Astral & MNY CS Bold Gold

Astral is a baby pink color, one shade darker then Constant Candy. Both are pastel pinks. This is the third time I’ve used Astral, it requires 3 coats for an opaque finish, even then I could see the whites of my nails but since I was making stripes with Bold Gold it didn’t matter. Previously, when I wore 3 coats of Astral without a top coat, it peeled like paper on the third day. So I used a top coat this time, in fact as I’m writing this I’m trying to count how many coats of nail polish are on my nails(8 or 9??).

I actually took pictures of the making this time, but with my iPhone, I was afraid my camera would get dirty because of all the nail polish.
1.       I painted my nails with 1 clear coat, 3 coats of Astral and then added a top coat. Then I waited for one hour, just to be sure.

2.       Like I said before, I avoided doing steps which I felt were hard for me, so I just stuck stripes of cello tape on my nails, like the picture shows.
*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now
For me, its hard to cut anything in a straight line, but I’m happy I could get the stripes straight. Also, make the stripes for your pinky finger thinner. And do the cello tape cutting and sticking part first, then you can enjoy painting all nails in the next step.

3.       I started from my pinky finger, after one coat of bold gold, I waited for 10 seconds and then removed the cello tapes. Same for all other fingers. In the pic, it’s my index finger

4.       After waiting for 20 mins for it to dry I put all my fingers in a bowl of ice cold water, just to be sure. This I did for 10-15 min but not continuously, because its already so damn cold here.

5.       Then I added clear coat. An done!

Even the second time it didn’t come out perfectly, maybe I’ll be lucky the third time.

Once when I was gazing at my nails, I realised why I liked this pale pink and gold combination soo much. Apart from the fact that it looks like gift wrapping paper, it reminds me of Too Faced’s Holiday 2013 collection. I wanted the “A Few of My Favorite Things” palette, too bad I can’t afford it! But I’m more or less content with gazing at my nails :-P

I think nail art is suitable for Christmas, if you like gift wrapping paper, champagne or pale pink! Simplenailartdesigns has a heart nail art tutorial, maybe for Christmas I’ll wear a red nail polish with a gold heart right at the centre…

Hope you enjoyed this nail art, once again, I take no credit for this method, I’ve simply adapted it to suit my, ahem, nail art abilities.

Have A Great Day !

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