~ Inglot Freedom System And My Experience ~

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“ A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”                                                                   Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Inglot is famous for its freedom system where you can create your own custom palettes. The refills are very cheap but the palettes cost a bomb. I’ve come across Inglot eye shadow refills and blush refills so many times on both Indian and international blogs that I always wanted to own all a few eye shadows myself. I did do that, way back in July, I ordered a few refills online, you can read about shopping at majorbrands.in here. You can find at least a gazillion swatches of all Inglot eye shadows and that makes online shopping a cake walk. But I didn’t feel like using them yet, I needed a palette! Many of the blogs I read said that you can store the refills as is in the box they come, but that wasn’t convenient for me. So I decided to buy a palette, and I got the time to do that this month only.

Until last week, I had been to the Inglot store just twice. The first time was when I just happened to see the store while shopping for other stuff, I had heard so much about Inglot but I’d never come across the store. I went inside and it was all so over whelming, the Visual Merchandiser of the store had done a wonderful job. I ended up just asking about all of their products and walking out, just like that.

The second time I went to the same Inglot store, it was quite, umm, memorable? I’m not sure what adjective to use here, not memorable, something between interesting and memorable. One of the SA/MUA’s was a guy and he had full on make up; a smokey eye and I kid you not, GOLD LIPS, and to top it off he was wearing gold pumps. It was over whelming to look at him and he was assisting me. I ended up buying only the eye shadow base, because all other people outside the store were staring and I started to get really, really conscious. I never give a f*** about people’s stares or looks or taunts or whatever, you can’t live in Mumbai if you don’t ignore all that bullsh*t, but this time it got to me.

So after two not so eventful visits to the Inglot store, I wasn’t feeling optimistic about my third visit. And all the online reviews about Inglot stores in general didn’t help me either; people have said that the SAs force you to buy palettes, they are rude and inattentive and all that. 

The thing is, I had brought round refills and Inglot has now discontinued these in India as well. I wanted their large palette in which you can store any type of refills. So here’s how it went down with the SA:

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now crazybeautyland.blogspot.com

Me: I’ve seen this palette in which you can store different types of refills, do you have that in stock?
SA: (She was definitely a new one) Let me check. (Comes back to me with a 3 pan square refill with mirror) This is what we have.
Me: I want the one which has just the mirror and doesn’t have any specific pans allotted, and its bigger than this.
SA: We don’t sell palettes individually, even in that one you’ll have to buy the divider and we don’t sell it without refills.
Me: (A little aggressively) The problem is that I have round refills and these are square dividers. I have absolutely no problem buying more refills but don’t force me to buy a divider which won’t be of use to me.
SA: I’m not forcing you, its just our company policy, we don’t sell palettes individually.
Me: I’m ready to buy refills and the palette too, but I don’t need the divider.
SA: Let me check (Goes and asks her superiors). Yes, mam you can buy it.

And that was that. I wanted to buy three blush refills, 27,30 and 58. But they didn’t have 27 in stock and 30 looked too mud-orange on swatch. Then I went over to the eye shadow refills and most of the shades that I picked were out of stock. So I was really tired, fed up and I politely asked the SA if I could leave with just the blush. She asked her manager and after the confirmation I paid for my goodies and exited the store.

That was my experience and I hope it will help some of you when you go shopping to Inglot. Indian SAs everywhere are pushy, you gotta hold your own with them.

Now coming to the palette, it’s a beauty. It costs Rs.480. I wasn’t expecting it to be magnetic but it is. It has a large mirror too, I don’t think I could ask for anything more.

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now crazybeautyland.blogspot.com
Top Row: #463DS, #418P, #378. Blush: AMC #58. Vertical Row: #372M, #362M, #382M

I choose blush #58. I wanted a nice everyday matte pink blush and except for this and #27 all other pink blushes had glitter in them( I didn’t swatch them though). The SA showed me 2 bright pink blushes from the Hawaiian Bar Collection when I asked her for an everyday pink blush, which is why I call her an SA and not a MUA( Make-up Artist). #58 is a PINK and not a red blush as it appears in the photos; no idea why it looks so red in the pics, but its not red.

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now crazybeautyland.blogspot.com
See what I mean about being magnetic?
I’m loving this palette and I have finally started using the Inglot eye shadow refills that I own. I think I’ll buy another palette for brights, and keep this one for neutrals. Its very useful to have blush and eye shadows in the same palette because it saves your time and space, especially when travelling, and this palette has a large mirror too, so it’s a perfect travel accessory. 

I love that large mirror!
*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now crazybeautyland.blogspot.com