~ My Fall - Winter Skincare, Vol. 2 ~

Are you enjoying my Fall skincare and make up posts? I know I love to see what people are using, its like window shopping really, and I get to know what amazing products I’m missing out on.

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This is a small update on skincare!

I’ve been using two moisturizers for face. Chambor Essential Day Moisturizer( normal to oily skin) for daytime. I’ve had this one since months and I think winter time is the best time to use it. Its not suitable for my combination skin otherwise, it suits normal skin only. Avon Solutions Moisturizer is a nice night moisturizer, I mentioned it in my previous skin care post as well. It’s meant for oily skin too, but in winters my skin is normal and this suits it well.

Avon Aloe Hydra Cool Eye Mask is something I’ve had since an year.  I use it only when my eyes get puffy and it really helps reduce the puffiness by 50% everytime I use it. Its extremely gentle too. I’ve been using it recently because I’ve been up late at night(or should I say early in the day?) and hence, puffy eyes.
L’Occitane Divine Eyes Cream sample is something I had taken when I shopped online from L’Occitane. I mentioned in my previous skincare post that I’ve been using Himalaya Under Eye cream, but I’ve switched to this because I wanted to finish it. I still have 1 sample left, you can get 5-6 uses out of one 1ml sample. This is meant to be a youth eye treatment, yet to see any difference to my eyes though.

Now coming to my favourite part, the face. I’ve been pampering myself with a small mask and scrub routine at home. I don’t do this often, that’s why the only masks I had were those that I had used in summers.

Cyclax Vitamin E & Cucumber Mask is supposed to be cooling, but it’s not. It’s like a normal clay mask that detoxifies skin. I find that after I’ve used this, my blemishes are greatly reduced, it doesn’t dehydrate my skin and my pores look tighter too. It also claims to stimulate cell renewal but I can’t confirm if it does that. It was brought from Singapore by my mother, I don’t think it is available in India.
St. Ives Apricot Scrub is a recent purchase and I absolutely love it. I get why it has received so many rave reviews, if you find this at any of those beauty stores, Grab It! I’ve used only 4-5 times till now, still the tube looks like its half empty although I used a small amount each time. If you live in a really cold place, you would need a creamier scrub than this one.
Freeman’s Cucumber Peel Off Mask is again something that I had brought for use during summers. This mask does give that cooling effect, but my sister said that it stings her skin, so stay away from this if you have a sensitive skin. I’ve been using it now cause I gotta finish it.