~ Kryolan Supracolor shade R21- Review,Photos,Swatches ~

Happy Sunday ladies! What do you love about Sundays? Me..well I like to get up late.. really late, that’s why I’m awake till now! Since its vacation time, Sunday is just like any other day for me, but if it wasn't, I’d go out. I’d find some new places to hang out at, take some pictures, and have fun with friends. I also reserve time for blogging, after a day full of fun, I find that my mind is at its richest and happiest.

Today I’m going to talk about a multipurpose make up product. I’ve been using this all week because I find it easy to use. Kryolan Supracolor in R21 is something my sister brought for herself actually. She wanted to do a pinky- purple eye shadow look and she picked up this magenta shade to use as a base. I’d never heard of this product before, Kryolan is a lesser known brand in India since presently it is available in only 3 cities in the country, so even hoping to know about all of its products is out of the question.

Here’s what I found on supracolors from the Kryolan India website:
The Supracolor range is renowned for its outstanding coverage levels, unbeatable skin compatibility and extensive selection of bright colors. Apply with a sponge or brush to create a vibrant, long-lasting finish

Yes, not a lot of information is given on the website. So I’ll tell you what I think of it and how I use it.

Cost:- Rs.200.

Qty:- 4gm

The texture:
The SA told us that it is a cream eye shadow. Its 50% more creamy than Maybelline cream shadows, infact I don’t think it will ever dry up like they do. I have it since 4 months and its texture is the same as the first day when I got it. You don’t need a lot of this to use as a base. 

It dries up quickly to a powder finish, so take the tiniest dot of product you can manage and place it on your eye lid and quickly spread and blend it. Repeat if you want to cover more area, but don’t layer it. Its creamy texture will cause your eye shadow to crease.

The color:

Kryolan Supracolor R21 is a matte, vibrant magenta-pink shade. It is very pigmented, a single swipe gives the true color. When blended, the color gets very toned down and looks like a slightly dark pink. It will go with all skin tones, you just have to build it to the right intensity that suits you. 

How I use it:
I use it as a cream blush. Yes, you read it right. When I saw the color, I was like, “this is not something that I’d normally put on my eyes, hmmm… cheeks? Lets try…” And voila, it gave the loveliest pink color to my cheeks. Since it’s a vibrant color, it will translate to your cheeks so you have to carefully build it to the intensity you want.
Basically what I do is three tiny dots from the apples of my cheeks, going towards the ears and then I pat it to blend, from cheek bone to ear. Then I repeat this, till I get the color I want. It’s a technique I read about here

that tiny dot is all you need
The tiny dot, now blended
But you have to be super quick with the patting, do it immediately after you dot the product , or you'll end up with dried up pink spots that don't blend. I love the color that it gives to my cheeks, such a bright yet subtle color; it’s a pink, its noticeable that I have a blush on, but it really complements my skintone. I paired this up with Maybelline’s Bold Matte MAT2 and it really brought out the pink on my cheeks. It looked like I’d used the same pink for both lips and cheeks.

Weartime as a blush:-
I found that it stayed good for 4 hours after which the color faded. I didn’t experience any oiliness on my cheeks after using this, but its winter so I can’t say if it will be the same for summer. Its definitely less weartime then what I expected

I think these Supracolor refills are supposed to be stored in a palette but the Kryolan SA didn’t push us into buying any palettes (unlike the Inglot SAs). For me is definitely difficult to store sans a palette but now I have one. These refills come in a plastic case like the Inglot refills so you can store it in that as well. Another bonus is that I didn't experience any breakouts after using it.

For cheeks, the best way to use this is definitely by finger only; if you use a brush and dot your cheeks with the product, there's a high possibility that it will dry up on your cheeks by the time you use your fingers to blend it out. You might be left with unblended spots on bright pink on your cheeks.

Overall Verdict:- 4/5
Apart from the wear time I do not find any con with Supracolor R21. Well yes, they should have named better also. I’ve used it only as a blush and I love the lovely pink color it imparts to the cheek. This color will definitely go with all skintones, and its not expensive either. Definitely recommend this one!