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Yet another online store I have shopped from for makeup. To tell you the truth, online stores have lost their charm for me. You just can’t rely on them to be completely honest. They show you all the products and after you place an order and pay the money, they mail you saying that the product is not in stock—that’s for you. They sell shamelessly sell old products to you, aka And then, the late delivery of products, brought to you by

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now

By now, your probably like, “what possessed you to shop again, girl?” Well, like they say, desperate times, desperate measures. I don’t get access to make up brands except Lotus and Lakme in the area where my college hostel(my home for 9 months a year) is, and international  brands tend to release new stuff when I’m not at my home, aka Mumbai.

This fall, Maybelline released new products every month, like the Bold Matte lipsticks, the Cheeky Glow blush and of course—The ColorShow Nail Enamels. When the Color Show enamels released, what was I supposed to do? Just sit and bide my time till I got a chance to come home? Hell, no. I had to get my hands on them asap. I was surprised to see them available online within a week of their launch, at Nykaa. So I happily placed my order, along with a few other items so that I could get a bill of above Rs. 500 to avail free shipping.

screenshot of the home page

A little bit about Nykaa: (taken from their site)

Who are we?
Promoted by FSN E-Commerce Ventures Pvt Ltd. and spearheaded by Ms. Falguni Nayar, the former Managing Director of Kotak Mahindra Capital Company, India's leading investment bank, along with a team of experienced professionals. is committed to bring to you the best and the biggest brands, an incredible shopping experience and excellent customer service. Our wide selection of brands and comprehensive advice will delight you day after day.

What does Nykaa offer?
Nykaa is a beauty and wellness e-commerce platform with a difference.
•An extensive selection of curated products and services
•100 % genuine, fresh products
•Comprehensive content including product reviews, beauty tutorials, articles by experts and an e-beauty magazine
•A beauty helpline to assist you in choosing products and services best suited to your needs to ensure sustainable beauty for all time to come.

Coming back to my experience…
 Nykaa clearly mentions on their site that they use 3 courier services- Bluedart, DTDC and Aramex. I’ve had a good experience with DTDC, but not with Aramex, and you can read about it here. Also, Aramex customer service agents are rude, they never greet you with a Good Morning/evening/afternoon and don’t even address you by “mam”. But coming back to Nykaa, given my bad experience with Aramex, I called up the Nykaa customer care and specifically requested that my items should be shipped through DTDC only and not through Aramex under any circumstances. The customer care executive(CCE) assured me that they will be shipped only by DTDC and made a note of the request along with my order. I even called them the next day to confirm all this again.

After 3 days from placing the order, I received three emails from Nykaa regarding shipment of the items. Yes, I kid you not, they took three days to ship the items. It was a Sunday that day, I opened the emails and saw that my items were being shipped in 3 lots and 2 lots were through Aramex. I was appalled;  even after I’d gone to the pain of calling them up and making it clear that I don’t want my items to be shipped through Aramex, they did that anyway. I immediately dialled for customer service but unfortunately customer services has a holiday on Sunday.

The next day I called them up, and expressed my anguish and disappointment. The CCE lady assured me that everything will go smoothly, and blah, blah, blah. What could I do? The items were all shipped and there was no way to get them to backtrack and change the courier services. So I just waited for them to reach me.

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now

The first delivery:

The item shipped through DTDC arrived first. It came to me on the 5th day from placing the order. I received the other items through Aramex on the 7th day from placing the order, typical Aramex speed. 

NYX Single Eye shadow ES32
The invoice 
The item I got through DTDC was nicely bubble wrapped, they actually wasted a lot of bubble wrap and paper for one tiny eye shadow box.

The second delivery:

The items from Aramex were not packed well. Aramex shipped the two nail polishes and a nail filer and only one of the nail polishes were bubble wrapped. 

And did you notice the nail file is too big for the box it came in, how did they fit it in? It just popped out the second I opened the box.

Summing up my experience:

I’m not happy with the service and I definitely won’t consider shopping again if I’m at college. When I’m in Mumbai, if the need arises I probably will try it again because Mumbai is a place in which I’ve always had good online shopping experience. Also, I’m not happy with the time they took to ship and deliver the products; it can definitely be made faster. The customer service is polite and attentive. Because of my experience I can say that there is a communication gap between the CCEs and those who are incharge of packing and shipping the orders and that should be bridged. 

Overall Verdict- 2.5/5

Update: I have placed orders with them when I was in Mumbai and it always took 2-3 days for the parcel to reach me, which is pretty good. 

Other online shopping experiences:
*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now