~ My Fall - Winter Skincare, Vol. 1 ~

Good Evening ladies!
 It’s the fall-winter season now, time for major changes in our skin care routine. I thought I’d share the skin care routine I have been following since the past few weeks, which has been working well for me. As I was taking pictures of my most used items, I realised that there’s a lot more left, and I’d have to divide all winter care into parts, so here’s the face and body edition. Hair, makeup will follow shortly along with an updated face care

This post can also be considered as a favorites post, because I am loving all the stuff I’ve mentioned here.

For the face, and this is actually a subset, I’m loving the Avon Solutions Complete Balance Oil Free Gel Crème for nights and sometimes for days also, when it gets really cold. I really like this crème, its meant for combination-oily skin and is light weight but very moisturizing. 

(L-R)Avon moisturizer, Garnier BB Cream, Himalaya Under eye cream
I use the Garnier BB Cream when I want to go out, you can read all about my love for this product here. I’ve been using the Himalaya Under Eye Cream for a lot of months now and I didn’t see any significant difference, probably because in the hotter months I wasn’t able to use it twice a day without making my under eyes look oily. Now, I use it twice a day but only on days when I’m not going out and I’m really starting to see the difference. My only complaint is that if you apply too much of this it doesn’t get absorbed into the skin.

Brihans Alovera Gel
My cuticles love Brihans Alovera gel, I’ve noticed that when I don’t put it, my nails become yellow. I also used it to soothe my tired eyes during exam time.

I wasn’t prepared for body skincare when winter came up on us. I usually buy TBS’s body lotions, but since I was in college there was no store anywhere and I didn’t trust online stores because I’m pretty sure their TBS products are at least a year old. So I went to the local store and decided to buy one of Lotus’s offerings, and I absolutely love it. The Lotus Vanilla Velvet Body Lotion is thin but very moisturizing, perfect for morning use. I apply two layers because my skin is really dry but it still doesn’t feel like I’ve got anything on, plus the smell is nice and subtle.  

Avon Lotion, Lotus Lotion, Johnson's Milk Cream 
Avon’s Naturals  Body Shake is thicker, but absorbs quickly and I use it on my legs and feet because they are really dry. After using this just twice they became soft and smooth again. Its going to get over, but I won’t be repurchasing because of the whole finding-a-representative-hassle. It has a very strong scent so avoid it if you have a sensitive nose. I’ve been using Johnson’s Milk Cream on my hands,  knees, elbows and feet because they can get rough and I want them to be baby soft and this does the job well :-D 

So that’s it for the skin care edition. I do love and recommend all the stuff I’ve mentioned.  I hope you enjoyed the mini reviews and found something to pamper yourself with. 

Happy Holidays everyone!