Not just another nail polish ~ Maybelline Color Show in 503 Denim Dash

This post just goes to show that a little bit of research goes a long way. Ok, “research” is an exaggeration, a little bit of “googling” goes a long way. When Maybelline Color Show Nail Enamel launched in India, I was one of the many, many ladies who said “halleluiah!” Unfortunately, I wasn’t in Mumbai then, and I wanted to get my hands on them, who wouldn’t want to? They cost just Rs. 75. I was really surprised and elated to see the nail polishes on online websites so soon, it was like…destiny.

But it was hard choosing among the colors, especially since I had never seen them in the store, and I wanted to try different colors, ones I’ve never tried before. Also I purchased these two months back, so back then, they weren’t there on the Indian beauty blogosphere either.

 I started googling the names from the Maybelline India website, and I did find a helpful  blog, whose name I completely forgot, in which the writer had reviewed a MNY Color Show from the denim range which had released last year in US. I guess google hit that post because I typed Maybelline Color Show Denim Dash, and the US name was similar. I really regret the fact that I hadn’t bookmarked the blog, the writer described the shade so beautifully, so accurately, I was sold.

I ordered Denim Dash and one more color, because I loved the look of the denim range Color Show enamels and I hoped this would be similar. Well, it is!

Denim Dash is a blue color with teal and silver glitters. It dries to a satin matte finish, and truly looks like denim, especially if you put it against a pair of jeans. The glitter gets toned down and actually gives it the look of a denim material. Just one word, LOVE!

I agree, I haven't put it neatly, but you can see the texture, and thats more important then my nail painting skills, or lack thereof 

Denim Dash, against my Levis 

I found a lot of tip fading on the second day, but that's typical for my nails. I have applied 2 coats in all the pics here. It dries fast but it wrinkled like a paper when I touched some parts, so doesn't dry evenly, I guess. It applies well, no problems there. To truly enjoy that denim look, I need a matte top coat, because no polish lasts for more than two days on my nails without tip fading. Denim Dash stays for 4 days on my nails, but I do experience A Lot of tip fading

The Color Show nail enamels are just Rs.75 and are Toluene and DBP free. And they come in 40 shades, I can't wait to get my hand on atleast 5 more. :-D

Overall Verdict- 4/5, for the uniqueness of this shade!
Thank you google, and the blogger I can't remember, but I will find you and thank you.

Enjoy your day ladies!