Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (009 Amber) -Review, Photos

Do you really need a mattifying powder in the fall? Well I need it all year. Maybe the sun, after summer, rests for the rest of the year, but my skin doesn’t! Although nowadays, it doesn’t get oily that much, thanks to the cooler weather. 

I’ve tested the Rimmel Stay Matte powder for two months under different weather conditions and different cities, and though I’ve not worn it every day, I can give you a fairly good idea if this will be worth purchasing or not.

Price: Rs.230.
Qty: 14gm
The packaging:

                The packaging is the flimsiest I’ve seen, comparing it to face powders in the same price range. The cap can come off easily while its in your purse, that’s why its not in my make up bag. It comes with a puff, which I’m sure isn’t manufactured by Rimmel; wouldn’t “Rimmel”, or “Rimmel London” or their logo be printed on the puff if Rimmel had made it? I think they probably took the puffs from a local company; the Stay Matte Powders don’t come with a puff in UK. And if you drop this box, all the powder will fall out, and you will be left with an empty box.

The Shade
               The shade I have is 009 Amber. I think the Stay Matte Powder is available in 7 shades in India, I got it from Westside and they had only 4 available. The powder is sheer so even if you buy a shade darker or lighter, it won’t make a difference as long as you buy one that is in the same undertone as your skin.

I had to choose between 009 and 010, and 010 actually looked lighter, maybe because it was pinker and 009 was more yellow. I think 009 will suit ladies having a medium skin

Texture & Application
                The Stay Matte Powder isn’t very finely milled, but for the price, its not a bad deal. Like I said earlier, its quite sheer, since I have a combination skin, I find that I can layer more and my face still doesn’t look powdered or cakey.

 When I applied it just over my moisturizer, the results weren’t good. It emphasised the small bumps and imperfections on my face.  But there were no problems putting it over a tinted moisturizer. Because of the weather, and the crazy BB cream rage, I have been using  BB creams instead of a foundation.

Does it live up to the hype?

I think nearly everyone on Youtube and the UK blogosphere raved about this product over and over. Truth is, its not that great for Indian climates, on some days it works for just half an hour, after which my skin becomes oily. I’ve used the Maybelline Clearglow Powder and its not that good for oil control but its cheaper and also gives more coverage. I think this powder would work for normal skin tones better. I’ve found that if leave my house after half hour of putting this powder it manages to mattify my skin for 2 hours, and if I leave immidiately after applying it, it fails to work. Which means its not suitable for those days when you are in a hurry.

Overall verdict: 2.5/5
 I wasn’t very impressed by it, maybe if I didn’t have so many expectations I would have liked it better, but honestly, on some days its not able to mattify my face at all.