A step towards Fall with Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Midnight Plum

Everyone seems to be  gearing up for the cold weather, but for us Indians, its slightly different. I know for a fact that its still warm and humid in Chennai, but Andhra Pradesh is struggling with cyclones, Mumbai is still hot and humid, and the place where I’m staying has alternate days of cool and hot weather. But I like this weather better than rains, although I love rains and we really, really need them; they’re kinda party poopers, what with making every thing gloomy and dark and so picture-unfriendly! Its nice to see some light through an open window for a change.

 Speaking of weather changes, there’s something else that’s gotten a dramatic transformation – Fashion and Make up trends! The bright, vibrant summer colors have been replaced by cool taupes, browns, deep reds, plums and my favourite… purple! Its no secret how much I love purple, you've probably cottoned onto it seeing the lilac background of the blog and the headings, all written in different shades of purple.

But pulling of these cool tones and deep colors isn’t easy. Which is why I’ve been procrastinating fall shopping for the longest time. We all know darker colors can make you look older; well, dark lip colors have always made me look older. Still, I’m gonna give this trend a try this year, but I’ll probably stick to eyes and nails…mostly.

For nails, I think Midnight Plum, a deep purpley plum color from the Avon pro+ range is a good place to start. The color is lovely, and very fall appropriate. In the pictures you can see how it looks with one coat. A single coat is enough, two coats make the color look like a inky black color with the slightest hint of purple.

People mistook my polish for black when I wore two coats so I tried out a single coat. Sadly its staying power, with a single coat, is very low. I experienced tip fading the very next day, but that is typical for me, happens with all polishes. On the second day a few bits of the nail color had chipped from the centre of my thumb…weird right? Usually nail polishes chip from the edges of your nails, not from the middle. Even my ring finger was showing signs of chipping so I removed the varnish completely.

When I wore two coats, the nail polish stayed put for 4 days, except for tip fading, which, like I said before, is typical for me. I really liked it that it didn't stain my nails at all!

Overall the nail polish isn’t bad, I mean, this is why we have topcoats right? Few budget nail polishes survive on a single coat. But if I have something to complain about, its the uneven finish of the color. It looks streaky and darker in some places. The plastic to which the brush is stuck, got dislodged from the cap which is also another con .

The Avon Nailwear Pro+ Midnight Plum comes in a sleek bottle and the 7ml quantity will last a lifetime. I’ve had this color since an year and it has not dried up at all! 

If, like me, you have been apprehensive about trying out the fall trend, then nails is the best place to start, and Midnight Plum might just be your favourite color. Even if you’ve got your “Fall” on, do try out this color, I’m sure you’ll love it!

I’m loving dark nails, there’s something so sophisticated about them.  I’ve placed order for two dark colors from the Maybelline Color Show range which has recently released in India. Hope they reach me soon. What about you? Are you diggin' the Fall trend?