Stuff That's NOT Working Out #1 - Pond's Whte Beauty BB+ All in One Fairness Cream SPF 30 PA++

Okay, the title gives away everything now, doesn't it? But I've still made an effort to write this review so your attention will be highly appreciated!

I'd brought Pond's BB+ cream on Independence day, i.e 15th of August, and its 15th of October today(my! how the time flies!). Which means enough time to test it out, but still I wasn't able to wear it more than 3 times. Why? Because I'm allergic to it :-(

Cost: Rs.125 (There's a 9gm pack available for Rs.99)
Qty: 18gm
Only one shade available
Its pricer then the Garneir BB cream which is Rs.99 for 18gm.

My experience:

Try #1:
Immediately after I smoothed it over my face I got a pimple above my right jaw...yes, that fast. Also that place was itching badly, I immediately washed my face.

Try #2:
I decided to give it a try after a while, like when my face is at its best-est. On some days, your face tends to be more sensitive and pimple-prone than others. You know what I'm talking about girls. I wore it over a moisturizer, no itchiness, no pimples. I decided to wear it for the whole day. At the end of the day I had one pimple on the same area as before and on my cheek also.

Most people would throw away the product after this, but for some reason I decided to give it another chance. Why? Don't ask.

Try #3:
Well let's just say that the third time's not a charm. And I can confirm that I'm definitely, one hundred percent allergic to this BB cream.

I wish I'd brought the 9gm pack first >.< I feel so unlucky cause this worked out for so many people... whyyy not meee??? (wails)
Drama aside, for the sake of this review, I do have some comments and pictures of this product.

Stuff written on the box: Ingredients & claims

Shade & Smell:


Its available in just one shade, which will suit medium skin tones only. Since I fall in that category, I can say that this shade does match me, but its not a true match. I feel that it gives some kind of whitish cast to my face, which disappears after some 20-30 seconds. I fail to understand why companies make just one shade, are they blind? Do they not see the various skin tones in a family alone? I'm not a fan of the scent, its too intense and thick for my liking ( I hope that made sense). Its just...not nice.

Texture & Application:  
                 Its thicker then my regular moisturizer. (Since I have a combination skin I use a water based moisturizer which is quite light) It claims to be non-oily,  I find its thicker and little drier then I'd like, so I take my time to dot it- then spread it- & finally pat it into my skin. I prefer to put it over a moisturizer, makes it easy to spread. If you have a dry skin give this a pass, cause there are much better ones like the Garnier.
                   A lot of people say this gives medium coverage, but that didn't work out for me, probably because I'm allergic to it. Also I didn't see any "glow" as the company claims, and no evening of skin tone either.  The "no clogging of pores" claim is BS, just ask my pimples.

Weartime :
Since its just a tinted moisturizer you can't expect it to last long, I got a wear time of 4-5 hours, which is near about right for a BB cream.
I noticed my face got oily after 2 hours.  I wore a moisturizer, the bb cream and powder on top to set everything.

I'd like to add that I always ignore products which have "Fairness Cream" written on them, because that is complete BS, and I should have stuck with that. Anyways, lesson learnt.

Overall verdict: 1/5
If you have dry skin, skip this, people with oily skin will like this.
Since I'm allergic to it I'd advise you to try the 9gm pack first, if it suits you, you can always buy the bigger one.