Review: Snackible - The Healthy Snacks Subscription Box

You’re probably wondering why I’m talking about snacks instead of makeup on my blog today. Well, I was in search of some off-beat healthy snacks since I’ve started working out and that’s how I discovered Snackible. I haven’t seen many reviews on it so I decided to talk about it here.

Snackible The Healthy Snacks Subscription Box Review

I went for the Weekly box trial. You can choose 5 snacks for Rs.299. I opted for a COD delivery and received the box in 2 days, which is quick. As you can see, the box you get is pretty huge.

Snackible The Healthy Snacks Subscription Box Review

Inside the, you get a lot of pamphlets along with your snacks. You can even choose what snacks you’d like and WhatsApp it to Snackible on the provided phone number. I really like the fact that on each pouch, details about the snack are written in large font. Stuff like high protein, high fibre for etc. The ingredients are written on the back side. 
Snackible The Healthy Snacks Subscription Box Review

Snackible The Healthy Snacks Subscription Box Review

These are all snacks that I selected:

1. Roasted Mexican Chickpeas (high protein, high fibre, low cal) Rs.50 | 100g
This was actually my first choice because I eat the regular chickpeas very often. I was happy to try them out in a new flavor, but the chickpeas are too hard and rather painful to chew. I think roasting has made them too hard rather than crunchy(as claimed). Although it tastes good, it won’t be my first choice to repurchase.

2. Hot Wasabi Peanuts (protein rich, lowers bad cholestrol) Rs.65 | 75g
This is an instant favorite. I love peanuts anyways but the wasabi flavor makes them irresistible. I had to keep myself from downing the entire packet in a go. I’ll definitely be buying this again. If you have any friends who like wasabi (or mustard-like) flavors, this will be a nice gift for them)

3. Seedy Crunchers (high protein, rich in fibre, omega3, no msg) Rs.80 | 70g
This feels like muesili. Its not sweet though, its more savory. I feel that its rather 
expensive for muesli.

Snackible The Healthy Snacks Subscription Box Review

4. Maple Honey Granola Crunchers (fibre & protein rich, low GI) Rs.65 | 70g
I thought this would be overly sweet because of “maple honey” but its not. It’s mildly sweet and a rather nice snack to have. I’ve tried granola multiple times in the past but this is one I’d like to try again. It’s a nice alternative to eating biscuits.

5. Kale Chips with Bajra Puffs (low calorie, high iron & protein) Rs.65 | 25g
I didn’t want to try this actually but I didn’t want any of the other snack options either. It tastes a bit bitter because of the kale. I won’t call it “kale chips”, it’s just dried kale leaves mixed in with bajra puffs. Its rather expensive too!

The size of the snacks is larger than I expected. If you have a light-medium appetite like me, these 5 snacks would be good for more than a week. The snacks come in a Ziploc pouches. I think the idea is that you can carry them to work or to the gym instead of transferring them to other containers. I face an issue with the ziplocs, they don’t work in some. So I can’t carry those pouches to work. :/

Snackible The Healthy Snacks Subscription Box Review

I’ll definitely be purchasing some of the snacks in full size. I won’t be subscribing for the boxes because Snackible has just 16 snacks and I don’t even like the idea of some of them. For ex, the Fruit Medley doesn’t really interest me. I’ll definitely be buying larger size of the Hot Wasabi Peanuts & Maple Honey Granola Crunchers.

Of course, the idea of snack subscription boxes is to try out new stuff so I won’t discourage that. If you’re in search of healthy snacks like me, I would recommend trying out the weekly box before committing to a full size purchase, simply because you may not like some of the snacks. Thereafter, you can choose whether you want a weekly or monthly subscription. 

Snackible provides free shipping for all boxes and orders above Rs.500. It wasn’t hard to place an order on their site, but the checkout page is really poorly made. It doesn’t match the standard of other e-commerce sites. Also the mail you get once your order is placed is just 2-3 lines long. All e-commerce sites I’ve used send you a nice table of your order and give additional messages.

Final Verdict : 4/5

I’m very happy with majority of the snacks in terms of taste and quantity & also with the shipping of Snackible. I think the only complaints I have are that Snackible needs to stock more than just 16 snacks, they need to have better Ziploc bags and a better website design for the checkout page.