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Welcome to the blog! 

I'm Lana, a beauty junkie! And (unfortunately) also an engineering student. I divide my time between two cities, one of them is Mumbai, my hometown. 

About my blog:
Crazy Beauty Land was started by me in 2013. In India, we have this thing called Traditional Day in our college where we wear traditional Indian wear like saris and make efforts to look our best. I wanted to look epic in my sari and I started randomly googling for stuff like lip gloss and foundation and then I came across beauty reviews. I was quite surprised, it had never occurred to me how big the makeup world actually is. So one thing led to another and I was googling makeup products, reviews and looks for months together, well after my Traditional Day got over. Finally I decided to start a blog, so that my makeup obsession got an outlet. Initially I planned to do only reviews, but slowly I'm moving onto LOTDs as well.

Initially my blog was named My Beauty Express but I realized that that name is already taken so I changed it. Why "Crazy"? Because makeup can drive you crazy! The rush you get when you're in from of all those shiny make up counters, with all new products on display... Its hard not to spend your entire allowance on it! 

This blog is about makeup and skin care. I use a variety of  budget beauty products. You will find loads of posts on all things makeup related like beauty reviews, beauty tips, tutorials, DIY, hauls and more. I'd love it if any interested readers would like to do guest post.

More about me:
I was an only eye makeup kinda gal, but now I love bright lipsticks as well! But you can't have dramatic eyes with bright lips unless you're modelling on a runway (sigh!). So, when I wear makeup, its always a tug of war between the eyes and the lips!
My favorite color is purple.

My beauty & makeup profile:
Skintone: Medium
Skintype: I have a normal skin type. Its normal to dry in winters, rest of the year its mostly normal with a little dryness around my mouth. I used to have combination-oily skin. 
Hair: My hair is deep brown but tends to become light brown during summers. I used have naturally straight her but its wavy now, most of the times. I quite like it this way, but it gets really messy I use a flat hair iron to straighten it out. I've never colored my hair, I'd love to go ombre or purple :D
Hairstyle: Layers. 

A few makeup brands that I like:
Sleek Makeup
Makeup Revolution London

A few skincare & bodycare brands I like:
St. Ives
The Body Shop

Wella Professionals
The Body Shop

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