Rave!! Garnier BB Miracle Skin Perfector - Review, Swatches, Photos

I’m completely in love with the Garnier BB cream. I know its nothing new, its been here for a while etc. but I got to know it this year. I've been wearing it for a couple of months now, though not everyday because I don’t get the time to “make up” every morning, yes, seriously , I don’t.  In these few months, the weather went from rainy, to sunny, to humid, to bitter cold, and back to sunny. Its basically just vacillating between summer and winter, and oh, it rained yesterday! So I guess the concept of “seasons” has just gone to hell now, you just can’t predict the weather anymore. Anyways, my intention isn’t to complain, I’m just saying I’ve tested this BB cream under all weather conditions :-D

Cost- Rs.199.
Qty- 40g
Shelf life-  36 months.
Also available in a 18g variant.


The Garnier BB cream tube actually comes in a box, which I still have because I keep boxes of everything I own till I run out of space :-P. It’s a basic beige colored tube, looks just like the Deborah Milano BB cream tube, but it’s a lot less messier. Little bit of the product does end up in the cap, but it doesn’t create a mess

Here are a few photos so you can admire whats written on the box :-P


It has a nice smell which, I personally like, please don’t ask me to describe it, I can’t describe smells. I don’t really have a problem with fragrant products as long the smell isn’t irritating or nauseating. The smell disappears after applying the cream, but when I applied 2 layers I could smell it even after 3 hours.

Shade, texture and application:
Shade-wise, Garnier BB cream is a match for me! I have a medium skin tone and it matches me perfectly. The texture is slightly thicker than a light moisturizer, its very, very easy to spread and blend into your skin

It is less yellow toned then the Pond’s BB cream which you can see from the pictures, but it still suits me better than the Pond’s one did. I feel that at first, it leaves sort of a whitish cast on my face,  its there sometimes and not there other times, so I’m not sure, maybe its just because of the SPF. I have this shadow on my chin and the BB cream appears whitish there, because the skin color is darker there.  So I need to go over it with concealer, but on some days even a powder is sufficient. Its easy to layer, and I like to wear two layers if the weather is really cold. The only thing I don’t like is that when I apply the BB cream to my under eye area it makes it look oily, even though the skin there is normal. So I avoid applying it to my eye contour.

in sunlight

indoors, sorry the lighting was really bad!

Coverage, weartime:
 It’s a really sheer coverage, it covers small blemishes though .  It won’t cover dark circles, it just covers minor imperfections. I don’t think it evens out the skin tone because like I said before,  I have a dark shadow on my chin which looks whitish with the BB cream on, not evened out. Ditto for my dark circles. It does add a natural-looking glow to the face, which does not look like oily skin! The glow is visible even under powder.  On my skin, it does not last for more than 4-5 hours, under all the weather conditions I’ve mentioned earlier. It claims to provide 8 hrs moisturization, I can’t say for sure about 8 hours but my skin does feel moisturized hours after I’ve taken the BB cream off. In fact I find that my skin looks really nice, lively and healthy after I’ve taken it off.

Personally, I find that its perfect for my combination-oily skin . During sunny, humid and rainy seasons I had to powder my entire face, and more than one layer felt too thick, after all it is a moisturizer. In winters, I was able to put a single layer and chuck the powdering and I just needed to powder my nose and inner cheeks if I applied two layers.

 I love the fact that my skin looks amazing after I’ve removed it. I don’t know which ingredient in it is responsible for this, but it also reduces some of the pimples that I have, another thing I love about it.

Let’s see if it lives up to the claims you read on the box:
  • Fairer looking skin – No, I haven’t noticed any such thing.
  • Healthy Glow – Yes!
  • Lines & Imperfections reduced – I can’t say anything about line, (cause I don’t have any!) but it blemishes are visibly reduced.
  • Evens out skin tone – No not for me, but may work for someone who has lesser color variation on their face.
  • 8H moisturisation- I can’t say 8hrs for sure, but my skin feels moisturized hours after I’ve removed the BB cream.
It contains SPF24 with UVA/UVB protection, but still, there’s no white cast in the photographs. I feel it makes my skin look airbrushed in the photos.

I highly recommend this BB cream, you must try it, especially if you have a medium skintone and combination skin.

Overall verdict: 4.5/5