Nails! ~ Another Perfect Fall Color, feat. Colorbar Exclusive Nail Enamel in Dusky Mauve

What do they say about first impressions? Something like, it’s the last impression. I think the “love at first sight” is derived from that quote itself. You see that person, butterflies start flying in your stomach, your heart beats faster, your knees go weak, you become all smiley, your brain starts to exit your body… all this, only by laying your eyes on him/her once. Why am I talking about first impressions and love at first sight? Well, because I had a certain experience that refutes both of the above theories. Here’s why:

I brought Colorbar Dusky Mauve nail polish in June thinking that it would be kind of a dark nude suitable for work wear, I was doing internship then. But its not a nude, after I put it on my nails, because I was expecting a nude, I went “mud-brown, ughh” and stashed it away. Since it was fall, I decided to give this color another try because this fall is all about dark shades. And guess what, I LOVE it!! I realised that is a beautiful taupe with slight hints of mauve which are seen in certain lights only.

I didn’t realise it the first time I wore it, but its so pretty. It’s another perfect fall color; I’ve been wearing Dusky Mauve on my nails all week with different attempts at nail art, which I haven’t put up here, but all in good time ladies!

Colorbar Dusky Mauve is from the Exclusive Nail Enamel range and retails for Rs.175. I have previously reviewed two nail polishes from the same range, Exclusive No 15 here and Autumn Rose here, and compared to both of them I like this one much, much more especially because it does not dry up easily.

I have reviewed Avon's Midnight Plum nail enamel here, which is also a perfect fall color.

What you'll love:
  • It's toluene and DBP free. That means no yellowing of nails!
  • Its a beautiful taupe which is perfect for fall.
  • Without a topcoat it lasts for 3 days before chipping. With a clear coat it lasted for 6 days with little tip fading
  • Nice glass bottle, will not break easily.
  • You can get it online
What you'll hate:
  • None!
Overall verdict:- 5/5

So, remember what I said earlier about first impressions and first love? Its not always true, is it? Its always good to give things a second chance...or glance! Its time to look back at some of those products you chucked away at first swatch girls!

Have a nice day ladies!