Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Shadow in Bold Gold - Review & Swatches

Before I got the  Maybelline Tough as Taupe color tattoo, I’d had a tryst with another one – Bold Gold. Frankly, I wasn’t impressed. Unlike the Tough as Taupe, Bold Gold was hard and flaky and applied patchily on my eyes. It just wouldn’t smooth out and if I tried to put more it would just get worse.  I wonder why the huge difference? If anyone has had a similar experience then do  share it with me. I’ve seen all reviews describe this as a pot of gold which is a dream to apply; pot of gold I agree, but dream to apply? Nah.

Cost:- Rs.350/-
Qty:- 4gm
Shelf Life:- 3 yrs 
My take on  Bold Gold:
The Packaging:
 All the color tattoos have the same glass jar/tub packaging, which is cute and looks very sleek and posh sitting on your vanity. It may crack if you drop it, I haven’t yet, so no clue and I ain’t gonna try to find out either.  

The Color:
Yes, it does look like a pot of gold.. until you dip your fingers or brush into it. It’s a true gold color, which will find itself at home in India seeing how we have so many festivals and marriages centering around this color. 

The Texture: 
This is bad part. It’s supposed to be a cream-gel kind of shadow but it’s a very thick and not at all gel like. It does not transfer evenly on to the fingers or the eye.  I have used Tough as Taupe and it was easy to spread all over the eye lid before it dried to a powder, but Bold Gold dries up the second it touches my eye lids.  I did try using a flat synthetic brush, but that didn’t help either. I can find use for it as an eye liner though, that’s why there’s a thin line right at the centre of the color in the jar.

see how patchy it looks even in the swatch?

24hrs Claim?
Sadly I wasn’t able to put this theory to test because I really couldn’t get the look I was going for.
Since I couldn’t test it out I’m going to forgo the “good” and “bad” points, because it wouldn’t be fair.

Overall Verdict:- 2/5
I wouldn’t recommend this since I didn’t have a good experience with it. If you really want this color, go ahead and get it, I hope you have a great time with it!