Nails! ~ Autumn with Colorbar Nail Lacquer in Autumn Rose? Umm..

I don’t think I’m mistaken when I say that Colorbar nail polish in Autumn Rose is a popular color. Its a color my sister brought within 2 minutes of entering the Colorbar store, just going by the color of the bottle, without ever seeing/hearing about it on any blog because she does not follow beauty blogs. After she purchased it, I saw the color and went “You've chosen a really great color!!” Because I knew of its popularity, and it looks coral-pink in the bottle, soo cute. 
So later, we went to the food court of the mall and decided to paint her nails to kill time, till the food we ordered was ready. And.. both of us were disappointed by the color of the nail polish. It came out neon pink on my sister’s nails, a color that doesn't flatter many hands.

Cost:- Rs.175/-
Qty:- 9ml

Unfortunately it came out coral-pink in the pictures which is not how it actually looks. Autumn Rose is just neon pink with lil hints of coral, which looks coral-pink at some angles and when it catches light. If only it looked as awesome in real as it does in pics.

It’s not a bad color, but its deceiving because it looks coral-pink in the tube but comes out neon pink. It’s okay for a lipstick to behave that way but its not expected from a nail polish.

when the light isn't directly falling on it, the color looks darker and more neon
in the light which makes it look good...grr
Its from the Exclusive range, so packaging is the same. I like the size of the bottle, its easier to store. I don't own a lot of the Maybelline Colorama and Lotus Herbals nail enamels because of their long (extra long in case of Lotus) caps which make storage harder. I like dainty bottles, the smaller the better. 

 Speaking about the texture, its same as Exclusive No.15, but its easier to apply and comes out nice and even on the nails. In all the pictures I have applied two coats. You can still see my nails through the nail polish, in the very first picture. The color makes my(and my sister's) fingers look darker. It stayed good for two days and the chipping started on day 3.

A quick summary....
The good: 
  • Applies easily
  • It's toluene and DBP free. That means no yellowing of nails!
  • Nice color for summer
  • Nice glass bottle, will not break easily
  • Lasts upto the third day without chipping
  • Available online
The bad: 
  • Color is not true to what we see in the bottle.
  • Makes fingers look darker
I'm not into the color because its not "autumn-y", it should have been named  Summer/Spring Rose. What do you think?