Another Haul It Is….

If you are a beauty blogger, humour me. 
Do you have backlogs that stretch up to a mile or more? Do you find yourself indulging in shopping at any and every opportunity?
For me, it’s yes to both. I’ve done so many hauls and I know realize, that I should have at least posted them first. For me, product reviews take a lot of time. I like to test creams /lotions, concealer/foundations/BB creams for the span of 1-3 months to see how they perform under different weather conditions and different face conditions(breakouts, clear/irritated/tanned/sensitive skin). The thing is, I mostly have a clear skin, I don’t break out, hence no scars either. So I tend to stretch the review up to my time of month, when I do happen do get few pimples. And for brushes/tools, I like to test them for 3-6 months. So that’s my explanation for some of the delayed reviews.

Pictures of stuff that I can post, like nail polishes, lipsticks, eye shadows etc. are lying watermarked on my laptop, waiting to be seen on a monitor other than my own. Why the delay for that? Honestly, its because of three main reasons: academics, wifi and laziness. So here I am, trying to overcome the last and battling the 2nd reason, with a haul post for you guys. Don’t you just love hauls?  Me: yes...oh yes
I brought most of the stuff in the first week of September, so yes, reviews will follow shortly after my exams next week.

  ~Make up from Kryolan:

-Derma Color Camouflage Creme -DFD(Concealer), D30(orange corrector). Rs. 350 each 
-Kryolan Professional Lipstick LC153- A great orange color for dusky skin tones. Rs.300 
-Maybelline Color Sensational Bold Matte Lip Color MAT 2 - (Finally!!!!!) You know how much I wanted one of these! Rs.375

  ~ Avon Goodies:

- Clearskin Blemish Clearing 2-in-1 Solution & Hydrator - Its a cream for pimples. I have one from Avon which I love, but sadly its been discontinued.. but is this the same? I hope so! 
-Naturals 3 in 1 Lotus Gel Cream - Its supposed to mattify, hydrate and cool the skin. Rs.179. 
-Avon Speed + Dry Nail Enamel in Rapid Black (Picture below).

 -Garnier BB Cream - The Pond's one I got isn't really doing it for me. Rs.199.
 -Brihans Alovera Gel - Essential, essential, essential! Rs.90.

Well I've started using all the products and so far I have mixed views on everything except the Kryolan Lipstick, which I love, and the Avon Nail Enamel, which I hate.

Reviews will be up soon, I promise. Have a nice day!!