Online shopping experience - Review of L'occitane online store and a haul!

Hauls…don’t they make everyone happy? [Well, except those on the paying end, if you get my drift ;-)]. I know you can hardly call 2 products a haul but what else can you call it? A tiny haul?? Hmm yea .. Ok, that actually works! So last month, sometime after mid-July I got to know about L’occitane(LOX-EE-TAHN) sale. They had a flat 40% off on skincare and flat 50% on makeup.  Luckily, they have an online store that delivers to my sort-of-remote college area. I felt so lucky when I saw that. I've never been to L’occitane because of their freakishly over-priced  goods, but a flat 40 and flat 50 felt criminal to pass up. Since I was late, most of the good stuff was pretty much gone, but I did find two things that I liked.

here's the site :

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now 

 I received my  order after 5 days of placing it which is excellent, if you read this review you’ll know what I’m talking about. I had some trouble because the courier service i.e. Aramex didn't really have an office in the area and they had to send it through an associate station, though the delivery guy told me that Aramex does have an office here. Since it was Aramex, I didn’t expect them to intimate me about the delivery date or time and they didn't, so everything went as expected. The only unexpected thing that happened was that after placing my order, when I tried to log on into my account the next day I was told that no such email-id had been registered with the website. This was odd considering that I had placed my order using an account I opened with that very id. But I was able to track my package through the Aramex website and by calling L’occitane helpline. And if your wondering why I didn’t talk to L’occitane about the registration problem its because the customer care guys seemed kinda dumb.-_-
Ok LOL, I know I sound like some kind of judgmental person but seriously, I have an explanation: I always follow this procedure where I look up the code of the product(s) I like and then I call up the website’s customer care and verify if that product(s) is still in stock. This is a good practice because it helps you avoid those inevitable disappointments when you make the payment and then later get an email saying that this or that product it not in stock T.T(yes I'm talking about you,  So when I called up L’occitane to verify their stocks, the customer care guy just didn't get why or what I was asking/doing. So I chucked that plan and simply placed my order, and luckily all was in stock. But you get why I didn't bother to ask the id problem right? Too much trouble and pressure for the poor customer service chap.

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now 
What a pretty box... And that's the invoice slip on top
But I wish it wasn't a slide out type of box...
L'occitane had free shipping for orders over Rs.1000/- What’s more, you can even choose free samples to go along with your order. I’m not sure if there’s any upper limit to the number of samples you can haul, but there must be. I was in a hurry so I just picked two of the many, many samples. 

The goodies, safely bubble wrapped
So here’s my…ahem…tiny itsy-bitsy haul.

 (Free Samples ...)
1. Divine Eyes - 1ml x2
2.Repairing Mask - 6ml 
3. Shea Butter Mango Flower Lipbalm 15ml- Rs.432/-
4. Pivoine Flora Duo Eyeshadow Envolée Lilas- Rs.700/-

Unfortunately the products were quite old, so needless to say I felt cheated. Its sad that a high end brand like L'occitane also sells old products online to hapless consumers.

Overall Verdict:- 3/5
It's a quite reliable for delivery, but otherwise, its not a trustworthy brand.

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now