Happy Independence day to all Indians!

Wow, 66 years of freedom, and now a whole new year ahead for us. Happy Independence Day dearest Indians!!!

I'm back at home, I'll be spending the next few days here. I saw almost three movies today, Iron Man, Gandhi and English Vinglish. Of course I went to a mall to check out the sales, but I was upset by the lack of  decor. There were decorations, but it just too plain to take any notice. I wanted to check out the new Maybelline Bold Matte lipsticks but this particular mall had not yet got the stocks and I was very, very disappointed about that. But I found some things to haul anyways, I always do! ;-)

I had dinner at Mainland China, which is one of my favorite restaurants. NEVER order prawns here, they don't clean it out properly and just give it with the guts...ughhhh. 
But moving on,
The day wasn't perfect, but nothing can beat the feeling of happiness and satisfaction you get after coming home from a college hostel....(yipppppppeeee!!!!! woooohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Hope you all had a great day!!!
Lots of love...
Me :-)