~Lotus Herbals Purestay Lip Gloss in Rose Bud- Review & Swatches~

{Psst...If you need a quick review just check "The Good" and "The Bad" points mentioned below!}

There are some products that make you 'oooh' & 'aaahh' when you look at their packaging, or feel their texture, or see their pigmentation and... and so on. And then, there are those bad eggs which just ruin your experience despite their attractive looks. Is Lotus Herbals Purestay Lip Gloss one of those misleading products? To me, yes. I was disappointed by my bad experience because this product has received great reviews all over the web, and I'm like, 'Why me??' *Sob*

Qty:- 8gms
Cost:- Rs.395/-
I got it for Rs.263/- or less, and I wouldn't have paid more than that.
Shelf Life:- 3yrs.

Description/Company Claims/Ingredients:- (copied from the website)
Purestay Lip Gloss is a lightweight, high-shine, perfectly pigmented preservative free lip gloss with rich, long lasting colour and nourishing shine that creates the appearance of fuller lips. Available in 10 shades.
Ingredients:- Evening Primrose Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Vitamin E.

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Well, this is how I felt about the Lotus Herbals Purestay Lip Gloss in Rose Bud :-
(I have this product since 4 months)

The packaging:- 

I love its packaging, the mirror finish cap and the sleek transparent tube (though I hate that the cap is pink and the band is silver - looks so mismatched). I took a zillion pictures of it before I tried it because I was so excited and I wanted to savor the moment. It comes in a box which contains a manual having details about all other Purestay products. For a lip gloss, the packaging is pretty high

This gloss is heavily pigmented. Its color is red with orange undertones. It looks more orange in natural light. Its a great shade for those who have pigmented lips cause it covers even dark lips(a la Pranita).It leaves an orange tint after removal. I'm little confused about what age groups this color will suit because some times it looks deep red which suites mature ladies, and other times it looks orange-red which suites all age groups IMO.

Swatch in natural light

Swatch in artificial light
If you apply it thickly it becomes the color of a rose bud, that is, a deep red. The color will work for all skin tones if you apply just one coat. You don't need to wear any lipstick underneath this and it also makes the lips look fuller.

The texture was the thing that made me stop using the product. Its super sticky and I absolutely hate the stickiness of this gloss. I wore this when I went to a mall leaving my hair down. Now we all know that malls are not windy, right? But when ever a strand of my hair would move,(you know when you step into a store and the air from the a/c hits you) it would end up sticking to the gloss and just stay there. That's how sticky this gloss is. It was SO annoying to continuously pull strands away from my lips and then continuously check mirrors to see if any of the gloss had come out. This ordeal went on for two hours till I got fed up and removed the lip gloss. Also, its not transfer resistant (obviously). But it doesn't sit heavy on your lips. 

Some lip swatches:-
*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now crazybeautyland.blogspot.com 
In natural light: I've applied it thinly here...

In artificial light
I've heard lot of ladies say that they can forgive the fact that its sticky because its long lasting, but I'd rather have a non-sticky gloss with lower staying power than one which acts literally like honey for my hair.

Here's a quickie on Lotus Herbals Purestay Lip Gloss in Rose Bud:-
The Good:-
  • It's very pigmented!
  • Its a nice color, albeit confusing.
  • It does make lips a lil plumper in appearance.
  • It will show up on pigmented lips also.
  • Leaves a strong, even tint after removal.
  • It has a sleek packaging.
The Bad:-

  • Its sticky
  • So very sticky
  • It transfers onto Everything
  • You can get a Maybelline lipgloss for Rs.350 which are not so sticky.
  • It transfers, so that will reduce its lasting power.

Overall Verdict:- 3/5
Its a nicely pigmented lip gloss which cover pigmentation also, but its more expensive and more sticky than the new Maybelline lip glosses so I'd recommend all of you to skip this one.

Well thats it for the lip gloss, I'd love to know your experience :)

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now crazybeautyland.blogspot.com