#SkincareWeek: From the House of Shiseido, Za India Total Hydration Milky Moisturizer Review

I’ve always wanted to try out Za products and with the launch of the new Total Hydration range in soft pink packaging, I couldn’t resist!

Za India Total Hydration Milky Moisturizer Review Swatches Ingredients Price in India

Company Claims:
  • This moisturizer relieves stickiness & thoroughly replenishes skin's moisture giving it a clarified glow and vibrancy.
  • Dewy & supply texture
  • For skin that tends to feel flaky yet greasy 
  • Amino mineral complex, Sebum holding power, Prism Enhancer(????),Vitamin B Derivative
  • Dermatologist tested, non clogging to pores.
Ingredients :  
Za India Total Hydration Milky Moisturizer Review Swatches Ingredients Price in India

My Experience :
My skin type : Currently, my skin is normal. It gets dry if I’m not regular with moisturizer (these months are cold after all!). I don’t have sensitive skin, however there are some products that give my skin allergic reactions.

Packaging : The soft pink bottle gives the Za Total Hydration Milky moisturizer a nice feminine touch. I wish the bottle had a pump opening instead.  After I get the product out on my palm, some of it is around the mouth of the bottle which is very messy! Za has even added instructions to wipe the mouth of the bottle clean after every use which is cumbersome if you use the moisturizer multiples times everyday.

Fragrance : It has a mild fragrance that disappears once the moisturizer sinks into your skin

Za India Total Hydration Milky Moisturizer Review Swatches Ingredients Price in India

Texture : Like the name suggests, it’s a milky moisturizer & has a very runny consistency. It easily sinks into my skin & doesn’t leave it sticky. Its very lightweight on my skin; it feels like nothing is on. I like to layer it on the drier areas of my face & it doesn’t feel heavy after layering either.

I have been using the Za Total Hydration Milky Moisturizer as regularly as I can since the last week of June. At that time I had dry patches which I was not able to get rid of (I mentioned this in the THEFACESHOP Mango Sheet Mask Review post). I had been using another hydrating mask too but it gave temporary results- my dry patches would return after a few days. I realised that probably the moisturizers I was using were not upto the mark so I switched to this Za one and it has given me significant results. My dry patches have completely gone & my skin looks visibly hydrated. My skin has always been soft (even when its dry) so I can’t comment on how much softer it will make your skin. 

I love using this moisturizer a lot & I use it in my night routine too. However, now that is getting colder, I will need something thicker for night time. It wears well under makeup too. One significant con is that it contains no SPF/PA protection & this is something missing from the entire Total Hydration range. I haven’t faced any problems wearing my sunscreen over it because both products are lightweight so they don’t feel heavy on my skin. Also, it contains parabensI haven't experienced any allergy (like breakouts) since I started using it.

I like the Za Total Hydration Milky Moisturizer a lot over my previous day moisturizer, the Chambor Hydra Essential Day Moisturizer, that one contained a lot of alcohol which made my skin look dull in the long run. The Za one is cheaper too!

Za India Total Hydration Milky Moisturizer Review Swatches Ingredients Price in India

Product vs Price :
Price: Rs.599 / $9
Qty : 150 ml / 5 oz.
Availability: Flipkart | Nykaa

Overall Verdict : 4/5

I absolutely love this product & recommend it to beauties with normal skin like me. I think dry skinned beauties might also like it and combination-oily skinned beauties can opt for the Za Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel. Za has mentioned that it will suit skin that is flaky yet greasy i.e skin that gets oily easily because it is dehydrated. Since it contains parabens & doesn’t give you sun protection, it isn’t the most appealing product in the market, therefore it doesn’t get a five rating. That said, I’m happy with it- it fulfills the claims of replenishing skin's moisture. I’m eyeing the Za Total Hydration Deep Moist Cream for my night routine!

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