#SkincareWeek : Made in India - Fabindia Papaya Face Pack Review

I’m an ardent face mask lover & #SkincareWeek would be incomplete without the mention of any mask. Yesterday, I reviewed a hydrating one & today I’ll talk about a deep cleansing one.

I’ve always been curious to try out Fabindia products because they have a large variety & are very affordable. I was in search of some pocket-friendly mask I can recommend to college students so I purchased the Fabindia Papaya Pack. Papaya has a lot of skin benefits. My mom always tells me to apply papaya pulp as a face pack but I avoid such DIYs because they are messy & I’m a lazy gal ;) Anyways, I was hoping this mask would give my skin a glow, something papayas are well known to do.

Fabindia Papaya Face Pack Review Ingredients Swatches Price in India

Fabindia Claims :
Made with papaya's extract and fuller's earth, this face pack deep cleanses and detoxifies the skin leaving it firm and fresh.

Natural Spring Water, Papaya Extract, Glycerine, SLES, Multani Mitti, Kaoline, Light Liquid Paraffin, Propyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben, Phenoxy Ethanol, Fragrance, Colour.

It has key ingredients like Papaya Extract, Multani Mitti, Kaolin (misspeltvery high up in the ingredients list, which is good. However, it also contains parabens & mineral oil (liquid paraffin)

My experience with Fabindia Papaya Face Pack :

My skin type : Currently, my skin is normal. It gets dry if I’m not regular with moisturizer (these months are cold after all!). I don’t have sensitive skin, however there are some products that give my skin allergic reactions.

The smell of this mask hits you like a wrecking ball. I’m not kidding when I say it smells foul. The funny thing is that it has ‘fragrance’ as one of the ingredients. LOL, in what world is such an awful smell called fragrance ?!?!?! 

The Fabindia Papaya face pack a typical clay mask but its very creamy in texture. However, it doesn't take longer to dry. I apply a generous amount to my damp face & keep it on for 30-35 min and then wash it off while letting the mask gently exfoliate my face. It didn't irritate my skin or break me out, initially it feels tingly on the corners of my nose, but that feeling goes away in 5min. 

And speaking of efficacy, the first couple of times I used the Fabindia Papaya face pack, I didn't see any significant results. Then, I started to leave it on my face for longer (30-35min) and I saw the difference. It does the same thing as every kaolin clay mask -  diminishes blemishes, makes skin clearer giving it that 'cleaned from within' glow, makes skin smoother. It the least drying from all the clay face masks I've used. It works especially wonderfully on my nose - clearing out blackheads and tiny bumps. My skin feels slightly tightened post removal of this mask. I always tend to exfoliate my face before using any face masks, I feel that it makes the mask more effective. But when I used the Fabindia Papaya face pack, I skipped the exfoliation & still saw results.

Fabindia Papaya Face Pack Review Ingredients Swatches Price in India

Fabindia Papaya Face Pack Review Ingredients Swatches Price in India

Product vs Price : 
Price: Rs.225-275 / $4
Qty: 120ml / 4 oz
Availability: Nykaa | Fabindia
Shelf Life : 36M

Overall Verdict : 4/5

On one hand, this the Fabindia Papaya face pack has pretty good results and is very pocket friendly. However, it has a 'fragrance' that everybody won't like. Its a nice, affordable mask that does almost everything pricier masks do. It is super reasonably priced & that is reason enough to give it a try. Do check it out if you're a fan of clay masks. I like it but I will try other options in the market before I purchase this, simply because....you guessed it!

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