Blessing For Dry Skin ? The Body Shop Shea Shower Cream Review

The Body Shop Shea Shower cream is a thick cleanser, its consistency is right between the Brazil Nut Shower Cream (runny)  and the Cocoa Butter Shower Cream(very thick). It has a heavy musky fragrance that smells lovely. It does feel like its perfumed, if you are not a fan of strongly scented products you might not like this. When I’m using the shea shower cream, my bathroom is filled with the fragrance, however the scent doesn’t linger on my skin post use. I have been using it everyday since the cold weather began in pune, that is, almost 2 months. Right now I have less than half of it remaining.

The Body Shop India Shea Shower Cream Review Price Online India

I have very dry skin, mainly because I’m very lazy about moisturizing , so when the cold weather rolled in I started using the cream-based products in place of gel based bath products. The Body Shop shea shower cream was my first choice (over the other shower creams I had) because it claims to have ‘shea butter, which is known to be an excellent moisturizer. Initially I though that the shea shower cream didn’t do anything for my skin as my skin remained dry as it was before. For a week I switched back to a shower gel and I saw the difference slowly. Some of the driest parts of  my body started getting dry patches which did not happen whilst using The Body Shop shea shower cream. Therefore, I switched back to the shea shower cream and I’ve decided to use similar products for the cold season.

Since it is cream based, I do not use a loofah with it because I feel that the loofah soaks up all the product. It’s a bit of a bother for me because I need to purchase those bath gloves so that my body can get a bit of daily exfoliation. I’ve been meaning to purchase it and a lot of other things from The Body Shop but I keep forgetting :/ The shea shower cream claims to be soap free, but there’s no way to confirm it because they haven’t mentioned any ingredients. It doesn’t lather so maybe the claims are true. My body does feel clean after using this, but sometimes I feel the need for deeper cleansing, which is why I need to buy those gloves asap. Since it is a thick, cream based cleanser, I do not recommend it for hotter months.  

The Body Shop India Shea Shower Cream Review Price Online India

The Body Shop India Shea Shower Cream Review Price Online India

Product vs Price :
Price : Rs. 425 / $6.4
Qty : 250 ml / 8.4 oz
Shelf Life : 12 months
It comes in a transparent  plastic jar so you can always see the amount of product left, which is so convenient. I do wish it had a pump dispenser though.

Overall Verdict : 4.5/ 5

The Body Shop Shea Shower cream is a must have for dry skinned people in the cold weather. If you’re on the way to haul products for the cooler months, this should be on your list! Its not even winter and I already feel super cold, I plan on repurchasing the cocoa shower cream for winters and I will repurchase this shea shower cream too, if I'm not bored of it by then.