Natio Argan and Jojoba Smoothing Face Oil Review (Updated)

I purchased the Natio Argan and Jojoba Face Oil after fellow blogger Shubha Juyal raved about it in a favorites post. I actually asked her a couple of questions before purchasing it when it went sale online. Natio is an Australian brand that launched in India (last year, I think) and so far I have seen their products online only. They might be available in stores sometime in the future and hopefully faster than Sephora.

Natio Claims :
Pairing antioxidant Argan and Jojoba, this silky oil nourishes the skin, helps protect against free radical damage and provides a soft, luminous skin glow. Helping to plump and replenish, the smoothing oil helps restore softness, elasticity and comfort and helps rescue the complexion from drying elements.

I haven’t seen much reviews on this product, but it has been featured on a site for being a product that contains argan oil.

My skin-type : Normal. Prone to dry patches in winters. I do not have sensitive skin, but there are certain products that give me allergic reactions. 

Packaging : I absolutely love how it comes in a bottle with a pump instead of a dropper (other brands, take note) I have dropped this bottle at least 4 times and it has thankfully not cracked ! So pretty sturdy packaging I say.

Texture : I need 1-2 pumps of this product to cover my face and neck. I sometimes apply it on my eye contour as well. On my palm it feels very lightweight & thin, but as I spread it on my skin it feels thicker.  I recommend rubbing it between your fingers and then patting it on to your skin. It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin, because it sinks in completely. Natio recommends adding this on damp skin. Sometimes I apply 3 pumps of it and it still doesn’t feel heavy on my skin. My skin definitely looks oily but I don’t feel like I’ve applied 2 layers of pure oil on it !

I’ve been using this since mid-December as a part of my night time routine (not necessarily every night) and I have observed a few things about it efficacy :

-I use it just once a day, at night. It works over other skin care products. Shubha also told me about this. 

- With regular use, Natio Argan and Jojoba Face Oil has helped me keep dry patches at bay. I always get dry patches around my mouth during winters, thankfully, not anymore ! It is excellent for moisturizing skin. It claims to protect skin from drying & that is true as long as you are regular with the oil.

-When I apply I lot of it (2-3 pumps) for a few nights over my moisturizer, it gives my face a strong glow the following day that lasts the entire day

-Natio Argan and Jojoba Face Oil claims to give a ‘soft luminous glow’ everyday, and I find this to be true. When I use it directly on my damp skin as suggested (& not over my moisturizer) my skin has a soft glow the next morning

-It has not evened out my complexion, as per claim. But then, I haven't used it directly on my skin regularly, maybe that will help.  

-When I use the Natio oil directly on my skin, my skin becomes silky-smooth. The only other time my skin is that smooth is right after I exfoliate it or apply a mask. Since it contains Argan & Jojoba oil, I think it will make your skin soft & smooth, but you will need to apply it twice a day if you have rough skin. I already have smooth skin but this oil makes it silky-smooth, my skin feels as if I have applied a silicone primer over it !

-It does not work on blemishes or spots, but it doesn't claim to either.

-Its worth mentioning that all the ingredients are pure oils with the exception of fragrance. The first two ingredients in the list are Argan & Jojoba. It also contains Sweet Orange Oil which is very beneficial for skin.


Product vs Price 

Cost : Rs. 1190 / $17.5

Qty : 15ml / 0.5oz
Shelf Life : 12 months 

Availability : Voonik | Nykaa | Purplle 
It seems pricey, but pure facial oils are costly ! :( 
Currently its on sale everywhere so if you’re curious about it or want to add Argan oil to your skin care routine, it’s a good time :P

Overall Verdict : 4.5/5
So far the Natio Argan and Jojoba Face Oil has impressed me a lot. Firstly, I love its ingredients. Secondly, I have been using creams for moisturizing my skin at night since forever but they have never been able to get rid of my dry patches which always crop up in winters. This oil has managed to do that..and girls its really embarrassing to have dry patches around your mouth ! I also like how it gives a glow to my skin and makes it silky smooth. Highly recommend this product =) 

If you want a facial oil that will work on blemishes & spots see the Iraya Kumkumadi Facial Oil.