If you're lazy about nail art, try Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Nail Polish in Fuzz-Sea for a quick and easy mani !

I wanted to try the Fuzzy Range of Sally Hansen since I first saw it on a blog a year ago. I am no good at nail art. I tried it just once in THIS post, and I found it tough. Luckily this range came to India last year. Fuzzy Range basically gives a textured look to the nails. I think its pretty unique, which is why it didn’t hurt that much when I shelled out over 500 Rs for this bottle. All polishes in the Fuzzy Range contain matte bar glitter in two colors, held by a clear base.

Sally Hansen Fuzz Coat Nail Polish Fuzz Sea Review India

Company Claims (taken from US website):
The ultimate outfit for your nails! Sally Hansen continues to lead the nail category with new 3D, unique textures inspired by fashion. Fuzzy Coat transforms nails with a 3D textured, woven fiber effect.
  • Unique fiber texture
  • Creates a 3D look
  • Multidimensional shades
  • Dries quickly
  • Available in eight shades: Wool Lite, Fuzz Fantasy, Fuzz-Sea, Peach Fuzz, All Yarned Up, Wool Knot, Tight Knit, Tweedy

Fuzz-Sea has turquoise and yellow matte bar glitter. In the bottle, the blue strips look more green. The brush is nice and you get quite a bit of those turquoise & yellow strips on the nails. It can be applied in the normal way, if you want to layer it to get more glitter than dab it over the initial layer. Fuzz-Sea gives a nice pop of color to the nails, it can be worn as it is or over any other color (except blue and yellow obviously!). Since its named ‘Fuzz-Sea’, the strips should have been in shades of blue, that would have been soo pretty.

Sally Hansen Fuzz Coat Nail Polish Fuzz Sea Review India
Fuzz Sea Over Lakme Color Crush 08
I first tried this over Lakme Color Crush 08, a pure white color. I LOVED the combo, I thought ‘it can’t get better than this!!!’ Then I tried it over Faces Candyfloss Matte, which is a bubblegum pink color and I was speechless! Ok, I’m being dramatic, what I meant to say is that the turquoise-pink-yellow combination is amazing and those three have actually been my colors this summer. Also, such textured effect nail polishes are great for people who aren’t at ease with nail art, everyone will certainly be in awe of your nails. I was asked so many times ‘How did you do it??’

Sally Hansen Fuzz Coat Nail Polish Fuzz Sea Review India
Fuzz Sea Over Faces Candyfloss Matte
In India, The Fuzzy Range retails for Rs.540($5.29 in US) for 9.17ml. The quantity will last a lifetime, but its still on the pricier side. This is a one time release only, so if you really like it, grab it before it disappears.

While Fuzz-Sea does have a wonderful look and effect on the nails it comes with a few hiccups. Firstly, as you can see in the pic below, it leads to formation of these ‘bubbles’(small perforations) on the base color. I thought it might be a problem with the white nail polish I had used as a base but when I tried Fuzz-Sea over the pink nail polish, the same bubbles appeared. Secondly, no matter how much amount of clear nail polish I put on top, the textured finish doesn’t become completely smooth. Thirdly, it can make your nails orange.

Sally Hansen Fuzz Coat Nail Polish Fuzz Sea Review India

Nail Polishes generally don't last long on my nails. Fuzz-Sea looks nice on my nails till the 4th day after application, then it starts to look dull. I find tip fading on the 6th day and by this point, I can actually peel the nail polish off my nails, peeling didn’t hurt or damage my nails. Now removal of this nail polish is hardwork, like removing any other glitter nail polish. I used Sally Hansen Kwik Off Nail Remover(while it was still in good condition) to remove it and it took lot of effort, but the nail polish was completely gone.

Sally Hansen Fuzz Coat Nail Polish Fuzz Sea Review India

Overall Verdict: 4/5Inspite of all the hiccups, I don’t mind wearing Sally Hansen Fuzz-Sea because it is pretty unique and amongst all the colors available, this one really stood out. However, Sally Hansen nail polishes do lack the quality at the price they come for and that is something that must be improved upon. If you’re looking for a fun and different nail polish and don’t mind the extra maintenance on your nails, you should definitely try this.