Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in Coral Craze (211) - Review, Photos, NOTD, Price in India

Since summer is here its officially time to bring out your brights and put away your darks. Out go the midnight blues, plums and greys and in come the pinks, corals, pastels and neons. I’ve already blogged about my favourite bright pink nail polish for summer – TheFaces Matte Nail Enamel in Candyfloss(which I can’t get enough of BTW), but summers are kind of incomplete sans corals, right? I’ve had Maybelline Color Show nail polish in Coral Craze since January, when I did a haul, but I didn’t feel like wearing it till the sun started beating down upon us and announcing the arrival of summer. I swear, the heat this year is relentless, and there's nothing like bright and pretty makeup to change you mood instantly!

My Experience with Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in Coral Craze:

Coral Craze is a creamy orangey-coral color which has a high shine that stayed till I removed it off on the third day. But it takes a lot of time to dry. There were a lot of cloth marks on my nails even 30min after putting the nail polish.

The finish is creamy and applies very smoothly. I wasn’t into the color at first, I felt it didn't suit my skin tone, but I’ve received lot of compliments while wearing it, so its begun to grow on me. I really like the shiny finish of Coral Craze because I don’t need to spend extra time to put on a topcoat.

I experienced tip fading on the third day, which is typical for a drugstore product. I love pairing this color against denims, especially light blue ones (like the one in the picture below), and if I ever buy a denim jacket, I’d wear Coral Craze on my nails to go with it.

Price: Rs.75
Qty: 6ml
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Overall Verdict: 4/5
Like all Color Show nail polishes, Coral Craze is reasonably priced. It is a creamy coral color, applies nicely and has high shine. It stays for 3 days on my nails before fading at the tips. I think it’s a good color to try if you are on the hunt for a coral color (who isn’t?), its not exactly a unique color, but its price and quality make it stand out.