(One of my most coveted...) Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm in Strawberry- Review, Swatch, Photos

Carmex lip balms are one of the most coveted lip balms in the beauty world! Thanks to ASOS, I was able to lay my hands on them. If you haven’t read it yet, check out my ASOS hauland shopping experience. After taking a zillion pictures of this tiny beauty, I started to use it right away.

Cost:- £2.55 from here.
Available at Flipkart

Company Claims & Directions of use (taken from the packaging)

Carmex Strawberry lip balm is clear, when put on the lips it provides a cooling effect, like that of plumping lip glosses. It also makes lips look glossy but that tones down soon to a slightly balmy look. The cool feeling takes a while to pass. In spite of the high SPF 15, it doesn’t have a bitter taste. It does have a minty and slightly medicinal scent. Also, its very lightweight on the lips.

In a lip balm, the main thing to look for is whether it moisturizes or hydrates, or does both. Though Carmex Strawberry lip balm claims to just moisturize, I find it hydrating as well. Its one of those healing type of lip balms; once this is off your lips, you’ll realise your lips aren’t chapped anymore. Other lip balms, for example the MNY Baby Lips just protect the lips, they don’t heal already chapped lips.

If it were not for the cooling sensation, I would have absolutely loved to use this lip balm during winters as well. If your living in a place that tends to get really cold, the cooling sensation will tend to make you feel more cold (Brrr!) and might even have the opposite effect-making your lips chapped, or maybe that’s just me :(

Overall Verdict:- 4.5/5

I’m looking forward to enjoying that cooling sensation in the sultry weather. I’ve always felt the colder the winters are, the hotter the summers will be!