Avon Solutions Oil Free Complete Balance Gel Crème - Review, Photos

During winter, I slather moisturizer like there’s no tomorrow, like its gonna be winter for the rest of the year (I wish!). More than compulsion, it’s the feeling of spreading creams, lotions and other potions on your body and slowly massaging it in.. it feels so relaxing and lazy, just like a winter day! Its important to moisturize you skin and face all year, but no season demands it more than winter!

This winter I tried a new face moisturizer for night time – Avon Solutions Oil Free Complete Balance Gel Crème. Its meant for oily combination skin. My skin is combination type but it becomes normal during winters.

Cost: Rs. 469 (available for lesser during discounts)

Qty: 50gm

My Experience:

The packaging:
This moisturizer comes in a glass jar with a mirror finish cap, it quite attractive. The mirror finish of the cap is excellent and though it is prone to catching a little dust, its nice to have a handy mirror. The glass jar is bulky and not travel friendly, but then, 50gm of a product isn’t something you travel around with. 

Given the finish of the crème, I feel that it could easily be housed in a tube or a pump-bottle packing, rather than a jar which requires you to dip your fingers every time you need some product. Its not hygienic. Also, no stopper has been provided.

The texture, application:
Though it appears greenish in the jar, the moisturizer is colorless, as you can see from the swatch. It has a gel-like texture and spreads smoothly onto the skin. I find that if I put a little more of the moisturizer than required on my skin, my skin becomes tacky-a little sticky and oily! I’ve not experienced this before, most moisturizers tend to get absorbed into the skin even if over-applied but with this you’ll have to use the exact amount you need, and not any more.

I use this moisturizer as a night cream and in the morning my skin is soft and super smooth. So it does moisturize the skin very well! However, I don’t think I can use it post winters; I feel its best suited to normal skin types, though oil-combination skin types can use it but they have to be precise with the quantity they use, because using even a little more than required will make the skin oily.

Overall Verdict:- 3.9/5.

I love the after-effect, it leaves my skin very smooth and moisturized. However, the jar packaging, and the tackiness I feel when I exceed the quantity by even little bit is a let down for me! And it requires a respresentative to buy, which is another trouble to go through. This jar will definitely last for next winter as well, so I won't need to repurchase it. However, if you have normal skin, this is a good moisturizer to use all year. Though its targeted for oily skin, it won't cut it for me during summers, I'll definitely need a more lightweight night cream for summers.

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