Nails! ~Faces Matte Nail Enamel in Candyfloss Matte (155)- Review, photos

  Matte makeup is one of the trending looks for summer 2014. Well obviously no one wants to hang out on a summery day with a shiny face which can almost always be misconstrued as oiliness, its just plain unattractive! When your oily skinned like me, mastering the glowy look can get tricky during summers, so its best to give a miss to that trend and try out a much simpler one: the matte look. If your having trouble with the finer details, I suggest check this video by Michelle Phan where she goes matte, forehead to chin, along with a matte nail polish top coat too! That got me wondering, where in India can you find matte nail polishes within a budget? Not a lot of places! I have blogged MNY Color Show in Denim Dash, which is a matte nail polish and today I’m gonna blog about another – Faces Matte Nail Enamel in Candyfloss (155).

Price: Rs.229.
Qty: 9ml

What Faces-Canada says about it:

My take on Faces Candyfloss Matte nail Enamel:

Candyfloss Matte in actually a bright fuchsia color. The matte finish tones down the intensity of the color, making it more wearable. I think it’s an excellent color for summer. These colors make your fingers look darker, but the pop of color is absolutely worth it. I love pairing this with pale pastel blue(that’s the top in the picture). If you are wearing a single colored dress in say, white or black or pastel baby blue or maybe denims(another SS14 trend) this color will pull your look together!

Unfortunately it looks lighter and more pastel than it actually is in the pictures. If you find this bottle in the shop, just keep in mind that what you see is what you get, the color in the bottle translates on the nails.

It has a flat matte finish, unlike MNY Color Show Denim Dash, which has a slightly glossy matte finish. The applicator is decent and fans well.

Once you apply a single coat, it turns matte within seconds, but takes longer to dry. It does go opaque in one coat but I would suggest two coats, it is after all a drugstore product and two coats will ensure longevity. I would suggest applying two coats in a single go, rather than waiting for the first coat to dry up, as piling on another coat can get tacky. Its kinda slow to dry, but nothing out of the ordinary.

The Index finger has just one coat on, as you can see it less opaque than the other two fingers under sunlight
With two coats applied, I faced tip chipping on the third day and with a single coat, the tip fades off within a day. Because it looks like paint on nails, I thought it will peel off with time : But it does no such thing. 

It removes easily, and thankfully there is no staining or yellowing of nails.

Overall Verdict: 4.5/5

I find Candyfloss Matte to be a really good quality matte nail polish, albeit it has an average staying power. It’s a great color for the summers and it’s a great way to get a start on the latest “matte look” trend. I do recommend this if your looking for matte nail polishes, you will not be disappointed!