Chambor Hydra Essential Day Moisturizer for Normal to Oily Skin - Review, Price in India

A lot of makeup brands come out with skincare ranges. A lay person may think that this is a smart idea, since they produce makeup, they must be experts at skincare as well! But the makeup-learned, or partially learned in my case, know that makeup and skincare are completely different concepts. Being good at one does not guarantee the same in case of the other. Chambor is a brand which is known for good lip products, eyeshadow palettes and their range of nail colors are also of great quality.  I didn’t plan on buying a moisturizer from them, but after the SA spread it onto my wrist it felt so lightweight and nice that I had to try it! I have a combination-oily type of skin, therefore I picked up the Hydra Essential Day Moisturizer for Normal to Oily Skin. I’ve been using it on and off since July and here’s what I feel about it.

Price: Rs.675.
Qty: 100ml
Shelf Life: 3 years

What Chambor says about Hydra Essential Day Moisturizer:
It replenishes the deprived skin with moisture, boosts and strengthens the skin, giving a fresh, youthful glow of wellbeing. Hydra Essential Day Moisturizer for Normal to Oily Skin is a luxuriously rich lotion which hydrates the skin instantly and provides it with long-lasting protection.
Hydra Essential Day Moisturizer for Normal to Oily Skin is a light, refreshing lotion that hydrates the skin all day long.
Why choose Essential Day Moisturizer?
  • ·     The rich moisture helps skin recover from dryness and damage caused due to prolonged exposure to strong sunlight or air-conditioned environments
  •       The delicate floral fragrance soothes the senses.
  •       Result is well hydrated and firm, radiant skin.

My take on Chambor Hydra Essential Day Moisturizer for Normal to Oily Skin:

My skin type: Normal during winter, combination-oily otherwise.  I have dryness around my mouth and dry skin on and around my nose, though it gets oily too.

The packaging:
The Chambor Hydra Essential Day moisturizer is housed in a white & blue bottle and comes with a box in the same color scheme. The box specifies that 1ml is needed for the face and neck. So, this moisturizer should have lasted me for 100 days, that is, a little more than three months. But like I said, I’ve been using it on and off, on days when I use BB creams I skip moisturizer, also, in between I was trying out another moisturizer. The bottle has a pump which dispenses out the product. It took time getting used to this pump and the amount of product that my face & neck need. Unless you tilt the bottle towards your palm and press the pump the product won’t dispense out in a nice round blob.

The texture, application and after:
The Hydra Essential Day Moisturizer is very lightweight and has a runny consistency. It has high content of alcohol (2nd ingredient in the list). I use it only once a day. The best way to apply it is by dotting it on your face and the spreading it in section by section. Because of the high alcohol content, it gets absorbed superfast, and that is annoying sometimes.

 Sometimes, I need less than 1ml for my face and neck during summer and humid days (these are during rainy season). During fall and winter I need a good quantity of this (3 pumps) for the same face and neck area.

It makes my skin really smooth, soft and supple after application and it has excellent moisturizing powers. I just love how my skin feels after using this. It does feel quite luxurious on the skin! However, I’m going to have to refute the claims that it makes the skin glow, I observed no such thing on my face!

During summer and humid days, my skin gets oily very soon after I put this. I didn’t experience any such problems during winters, when my skin is normal. That’s why I feel that this moisturizer is ideal for people with normal skin for all seasons. Also, with regular use of this and my night moisturizer, the dryness on my nose and around my mouth has been kept at bay!

However I’m not happy about the amount of alcohol used, but fortunately that hasn’t damaged my skin. Also this moisturizer has been dermatologist tested to minimize the risk of allergy.

Overall Verdict: 4.75/5

Minus marks are for the high alcohol content and the pump dispenser that I found hard to work with initially. I think that the Chambor Hydra Essential Day Moisturizer for Normal to Oily Skin is a good investment for people with normal skin. Unless your skin reacts to alcohol, this will make a very good moisturizer for you. I love how smooth and supple it made my skin, and I still have a some of it left to use during next winter but just for its texture, I’d love to buy it again, though I’m  not a 100% sure if I would.

Which is your favorite day time moisturizer? Since I’m on the hunt for one, I’d love some suggestions!