Empties #3 - Body care products I used up in 2015-16 ft. Iraya, The Body Shop etc.

I have wayyy too many empties guys, some these products have been sitting in my house since 2015. Instead of piling them all into post I decided to divide them in to sections – body care, skincare & makeup. So today I’ll be talking about the body products I managed to finish.

Iraya Vanilla & Whole Milk Body Milk and Shower Milk – When I first got these, I really hated the “vanilla” scent. After I learnt to ignore scent, I felt like the Shower Milk wasn’t that great, it didn’t feel as luxurious as The Body Shop shower creams or even as much as the Palmolive one mentioned below. The Body Milk isn’t suitable for my dry skin, read about the review of both here. I guess I won’t be repurchasing these two.

The Body Shop Shea Shower Cream – It has a great scent & a nice creamy feeling. Totally enjoyed taking bath with this ! I’ll probably buy it again when the cool weather begins. See the full review here.

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel – I really didn’t like the scent of this shower gel. I don’t know why its described as a “nutty” fragrance. The Brazil Nut range has a lovely nutty scent, this was just unappealing. I was so uninspired by this product I couldn’t even bring myself to write a review on it. Will not be repurchasing it.

Palmolive Thermal Spa Skin Renewal Shower Cream – This one has Crushed Coconut & Jojoba Butter extracts. It actually smells nutty (take that “Argan Oil” shower gel) and it was a nice shower cream for my dry skin. Because of the granules in it, I thought it would feel like an exfolitant or a scrub but it doesn’t, its just a simple shower gel. Also I wish I could get it to empty out fully, it does have some product left in it that just won’t come out. When I squeeze it, all I get is air. But you know, I can't complain much, its just Rs.160 !! Buy here.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen – OK, so this is the empty one you saw last year in my post about sunscreens here :P Yeah, its ridiculous how long I kept a friggin’ empty container. Throwing it out right away ! Promise !

Btw ladies, it rained here in Pune for a bit today, really brought the temperature down. And did you gals catch the budget highlights ? How disappointing it was ! I'm fuming at Modi govt so much I might actually vote for RaGa....