The Original Beauty Blender | Worth the Hype? | How To Use?

The Beauty Blender sponge is the most talked about makeup tool. I would never have considered buying it, till I saw it on sale at Luxola & along with free shipping as well ! I’m glad I didn’t think twice before buying it because now Luxola is stopped shipping to India & there’s no other way for me to get the Beauty Blender for cheap
Sad moment aside, is the Beauty Blender Worth The Hype ?

How To Use The Original Beauty Blender in India Worth the Hype?

Yes, very much.

If you’re someone who has dark circles that need a separate corrector before you can conceal them, using a beauty blender for this process will make your under eyes look flawless, in spite of applying 4 layers of product. Keeping in mind that the Beauty Blender sponge absorbs a lot of product, you will need to build up the product to multiple layers till you get coverage. Regardless, applying corrector + concealer+ highlighting concealer to the under eye area without making it look cakey, is very easily done by using a Beauty Blender.

Ever since I started using the Beauty Blender sponge to apply highlight to my under eye area, I noticed it looked much more well-blended and natural, than when I used just my fingers or a brush.

The Beauty Blender sponge can also be used to apply foundation. While this is not the method I prefer to apply foundation, its nice to feel a cool sponge on your face in the hot summer season ! Again, you can build the product using sponge, but if you prefer a light layer of foundation, just use it once.

To top it off, the Beauty Blender sponge can be used for applying setting powder. This is something I discovered on the 2nd day of using my brand-new Beauty Blender. I thought, hey if the sponge can make concealer look so flawless I wonder if it can apply powder just as well ? And it can, using a sponge to apply powder makes your skin look smoother. However you don’t need just the Beauty Blender sponge for this, even those triangular sponges are good for this job.

Dry Beauty Blender
How To Use The Original Beauty Blender in India Worth the Hype?

Damp Beauty Blender
How To Use The Original Beauty Blender in India Worth the Hype?

How to use:
1. First, run your Beauty Blender under water so that it can absorb water and grow double its size. Once it becomes large, squeeze it a couple of times till you are able to drain out the water & the sponge becomes damp. I like to hold the sponge between a towel & squeeze out the excess water.  

2. When using liquid & cream products, always dot the product on your face and then dab the sponge to blend it out.
Now I don’t understand why YouTubers dip their Beauty Blender sponges into foundation/concealer and then apply it to their face, but I can tell you that it is the wrong way. If you dip any sponge in foundation, most of it will get absorbed by the sponge & the same is true for makeup brushes. This only means you will be using more product and you’ll be spending way too much time & efforts trying to clean out your sponge.

3. When using powders, its OK to dip the damp beauty blender onto the powders and then apply it to your face. However, just be careful that your sponge is damp and not wet. If it is wet, it will transfer water onto your powder & will lead to the formation of fungus.

Cleaning :  I’ve already done a post on how to clean your Beauty Blender sponge here.

How To Use The Original Beauty Blender in India Worth the Hype?

Product vs Price :
Price : Rs. 1200-2400 / $21
Availability : Amazon | Flipkart | SnapDeal
The Beauty Blender is very pricey, to top it off, its almost double the price in India ! Currently, it is available at discount on Flipkart & SnapDeal. I’m thinking of buying a backup, if you find the product isn’t original, you can always return it back to Flipkart.

Final Verdict : 4.9/ 5
I wish it wasn’t so damn pricey, but the Beauty Blender is most certainly a great product worth investing in. it is also featured in My Favorite Makeup Products of 2015. I’ve deducted a bit of marks because its expensive & hard to get in India.

Beware that the Real Techniques sponge isn’t a dupe of the Beauty Blender, it is actually a big disappointment instead of a dupe. If you've never used makeup sponges before & don't feel like splurging on a Beauty Blender, try the Forever 21 Makeup Sponges, they are the same as the RT sponge and are much cheaper.