Inglot Freedom System Blush AMC #58: Review, Swatch, Price in India

For the longest time, I ignored my powder blushes. When I was in college (well technically, I still am), they seemed a bit much: washing the brushes every week, making sure that they blush is applied exactly at the right spot, blending it out so that it would look natural etc. is too much work for someone who wakes up three-fourths of an hour before class starts. I relied on the liquid-mousse blushes from Rimmel, so convenient for all those times I didn’t have the time. Now that I’ve begun work (technically, its an internship) I tend to take it more seriously than I did college and actually wakeup couple of hours before I have to leave. Since I’m not bound by any household duties, I can spend all time I want on prepping myself up, and that’s why I pulled out a much neglected and lovely blush from the Inglot Freedom System :  AMC #58.

Inglot Freedom System Blush AMC #58 Review Buy Online Price in India

Price: Rs.450 (may have increased)
Qty: 6g
Availability: Majorbrands (AMC not stocked yet) | Nykaa
Can be stored in palettes, see mine here.

My take on Inglot Blush Refill AMC #58

Color: 58 is a warm toned everyday pink on my cheeks. In the pan it looks like a dusky pink meets mauve color and when photographed, it looks reddish. But the swatches are true to what it appears on me. It will suit all skin tones, I feel it will appear brighter on fairer skin tones and more mauve on deeper skin tones. It does brighten up the face a little bit. I have included pictures of how it looks indoors and how it looks in daylight because my camera wasn’t picking up the color properly :( It’s a great color to wear to work, or even to college if you want. Its one of those colors that you can put anytime you’re confused about what color to wear with a smokey eye look or when you just want a little color to your face.

Texture: Inglot AMC Blush #58 has a buttery smooth texture, on the downside, it’s very powdery. The first few times I applied it, I always swiped my brush across the pan and there was SO much powder fall out in the pan & a lot of product got wasted. I then switched to a dab-and-pat technique. I dab the brush on the pan and then par it onto my cheeks. It blends in effortlessly, if you ever feel that you have put too much of it, you can just blend out the excess color.

Pigmentation: It’s a very pigmented color, that’s another reason why recommend the dab-and-pat technique. That way the color blends into the skin effortlessly. If you're used to swiping your blush on, you will end up with a lot of color on your cheeks. But it is easy to blend away excess color. 

Wear time: On my best day, aka, the day I just lie around at home and do nothing, it lasts 6 hours after which there is a faint hint left. However, when I travel and go to work etc. it doesn’t stay that long. I think it stays for 5-6 hours after which there's a hint of it left, this is disappointing considering it is from the Advanced Makeup Component (AMC) range.

Inglot Blush AMC #58 in facing the sunlight 
Inglot Freedom System Blush AMC #58 Review Buy Online Price in India

Close up of AMC #58 facing the sunlight. The perforation marks are coz I dab the brush
Inglot Freedom System Blush AMC #58 Review Buy Online Price in India

Inglot Blush AMC #58 in daylight (actual color)
Inglot Freedom System Blush AMC #58 Review Buy Online Price in India

Swatches- Left: in daylight, Right: facing sunlight
Inglot Freedom System Blush AMC #58 Review Buy Online Price in India

Overall Verdict: 4/5
I love the color, smoothness and pigmentation of the Inglot AMC Blush #58.  It also blends effortlessly. On the downside, it is very powdery so I have to be careful while putting it on or a lot of it gets wasted. It also has an average wear time for its price. If you like the color, you should definitely go for it, you won’t be disappointed by the quality of the product! It is a shade that will suit all skin tones. 

PS: Did you notice AMC is also an anagram for MAC ?…hehehe