Huge Haul : Real Techniques, E.L.F, TheFaceShop etc + iHerb and SingPost review

Its been such a long time since I showed a haul on my blog. I have been buying products left, right and center (thank you online discounts!), but I never got the chance to put them together and take pics. Last week, my sister came home from Singapore. With her, she brought a list of things I had demanded and Real Techniques & E.L.F brushes which I had ordered from iHerb and gotten delivered to  Singapore because I was afraid of my losing package in the Indian mail system.
Real Techniques E.L.F TheFaceShop iHerb and SingPost Haul and review

Here’s what I ordered from iHerb (mostly brushes)

Real Techniques by Sam & Nic Chapman:
Real Techniques by Sam & Nic Chapman from iHerb through SingPost Singapore Haul and Review

Core Collection ($18 / INR1118) : I got it just coz everyone is raving about the buffing &  contour brush.

Setting brush ($8 / INR497): The main component of my makeup is concealer, so a setting brush made specifically for powdering areas you have applied concealer on made sense!

Blush brush ($9 / INR559 ): I got it just because I need a fluffy blush brush & this one is so controversial, it piqued my curiosity! Its bristles are pink coz it was already put to use before taking these pics!

Silicone Liner brush ($6 / INR372): The tip is made of silicone, which means no shaky bristles while you apply your eye liner. This is such an amazing concept, why is it not more common?!?

E.L.F Kabuki Brushes from iHerb through SingPost Singapore Haul and Review

Kabuki brush ($6/ INR372): I’ve always wanted a kabuki brush but I hate how insanely they are priced in India. Happy to get this cutie for cheap, its way bigger than it looks in pics online.

Makeup Mist & Set ($3/ INR186): this is popular on Pinterest as a dupe for MAC Fix+, and its quite cheaper than the Colorbar dupe for Fix+

Singapore haul
 TheFaceShop, Australis
TheFaceShop Sheet Masks and Australis Wipes from Singapore

TheFaceShop Vita E mask with cranberry extract (2 sheets x  S$4/ INR367): intensely hydrating masks!

TheFaceShop Mango Seed Mask 100% Organic (5 sheets x  S$3.9/ INR894): its supposed to be very hydrating, just what my skin needs!

Australis 3in1 makeup remover wipes: this is a set of 25 nourishing makeup remover wipes which are soap, alcohol & fragrance free. It has alovera, chamomile, Provitamin B5 and Vitamin E.

Bijou Embo 102 Wet tissues: 102 sheets for just S$5(INR229). I imagine something like that in India would cost at least Rs.1000. These are alcohol, pigment, fragrance and formaldehyde free. I love how it has a plastic cap on top.

Freeman, St.Ives, Ginerva
Freeman St.Ives Ginerva Haul from Singapore

Freeman Facial Brightening Golden Grain Mask : I have used the Freeman Chocolate and Strawberry Mask and I lurvee it. Unfortunately, that is OOS everywhere, even in Singapore =( To compensate, my sis got this one!

Ginerva Natural Fresh Apricot Refining Scrub: My mom got this for me, I hope its as hydrating as it claims!

St. Ives Apricot Scrub: This is my second large tube, the first is still halfway through… I love this scrub! Its cheaper in Singapore =)

Ginerva Olive Oil Hair Cream : Another product my mom got me, its actually a hair cream enriched with olive oil. Don’t know how to use it though!

I had asked my sister to get me lots of makeup remover wipes from Singapore coz you can get really good, chemical-free ones for cheap there. Western makeup in Singapore is way too expensive and I did not want to waste money on that. Still, I told my sister to get just one makeup item:
The Body Shop Color Crush Eye Shadow in “Be My Clementine” (S$19 / INR871): I was sooo besotted by this shade when I saw it on Corallista, I’m gonna find a dupe for it now so that anyone who is as crazy after this color like me, can get some relief. :P I gotta say, that color though...GORGGGGEOUS

The Body Shop Color Crush Eye Shadow in Be My Clementine
The Body Shop Color Crush Eye Shadow in Be My Clementine

iHerb + SingPost (Singapore) review: I purchased them during Black Friday sales so I got all the stuff for 20% off (yippee!) I had them delivered to Singapore coz a)WAY more reliable than India b)No customs hassle, you have to upload your address proof to DHL website if you want to ship to India :O c)SingPost delivery is just $4 (DHL delivery is $8 :O). The package reached in 6 days to Singapore. On top of this, since it was my first order from iHerb I applied their 10$ OFF discount. My total bill was $50 and after all discounts I had to pay $27 for my stuff and $4 for shipping. So the total order cost me just $31 (~INR 1925) for 8 brushes and 1 mist. I had to wait a looong time till I could get someone to bring them from Singapore to India, but it was worth it!

Real Techniques E.L.F TheFaceShop iHerb and SingPost Haul and review

Hope you liked my haul! I started using the Real Techniques brushes the minute I got them, even though it was at midnight LOL. Enjoy the weekend ! =)