Kryolan Ikonic Gel Eyeliner Pencils in Brilliant Bronze, Navy, Deep Brown, Violet Gem- Price, Review & Swatches & Where to buy

Hello! I hope everyone has had an amazing Monday. I know that to a few, the sentence will sound like a paradox, sorry about that! For me, Monday was all about sobering up after having a weekend without parents. Its not often that my parents go out that way, but when they do, me and my sister make the most of it. That is precisely why I have been slacking up on reviews. I planned to review these pencils on Friday, and then Saturday, but it continuously slipped out of my mind, call it the weekend excitement, or whatever. But today I felt pretty guilty, and after sleeping for a good 12 hours, I'm on a mission: write the review for Kryolan Pencils today. Period. No more procrastination.

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So moving on, the Kryolan Ikonic Salon Solutions Gel Eyeliner Pencils, in full glory below.

(Left to Right) -  Brilliant Bronze, Navy, Deep Brown, Violet Gem
*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now
Cost- Rs. 180/- each
Qty- 1.2gm

I first heard of these pencils on ISLM and then on I knew that I had to buy them, cheap and extremely pigmented and long lasting pencils.. who wouldn't rush to their nearest Kryolan Store to grab these? And why stop at buying one? or two...or four? Yes I'm gonna go back for more pencils!! For now, I brought four colors- Brilliant Bronze, Navy, Deep Brown, Violet Gem. I think these are available in 12 shades in total.

My take on the product:-
     I decided to review all the pencils together because they are similar in all the key points any one will look for in a eyeliner pencil. Dupe Alert guys, these are the perfect dupes of  Faces Long Wear Pencils.

The packaging:-

(Left to Right) -  Brilliant Bronze, Navy, Deep Brown, Violet Gem
Maybe because of the low pricing, the pencils are sealed by cello tape and not by plastic, and while it was annoying to cut of the cello tape, I'm willing to ignore that because of the performance of the pencils. Each pencil has a base and the cap matching its color, ideal vanity box packaging, very a la  Faces Long Wear Pencils. Also, the lid opens easily, I'm making this point because the Maybelline Eyestudio Vivid Smooth Eye liner pencil that I own has a hard-to remove cap, that's why I rarely use it.

The color:-
Let the swatches speak for the pencils! Each of them gives an intense color in a single swipe. Brilliant Bronze is similar to my skin tone, thats why its barely seen.

(Left to Right) -  Brilliant Bronze, Navy, Deep Brown, Violet Gem
Brilliant Bronze - Light bronze shade with a metallic finish.

Navy- A navy blue metallic finish. 

Deep Brown- Dark chocolate color with a matte finish.

Violet Gem- A deep violet with a metallic finish.

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(Left to Right) -  Brilliant Bronze, Navy, Deep Brown, Violet Gem
Dupe Alert! 
  1. Brilliant Bronze - Similar to Copper Rose of Faces Long Wear Pencils. I've only seen swatches of Copper Rose and longed for it since then, Brilliant Bronze is nearly the same color, just a shade lighter. This I've made out only by the swatches, I do not own Copper Rose.
  2. Navy- Similar to Navy Blue of Faces Long Wear Pencils. This again, I've concluded by just looking at the swatches.  
  3. Violet Gem- Similar to Purple of Faces Long Wear Pencils. I've lusted after Purple of Faces for a long time, I don't know why I didn't just buy it, back then, now I know why. It was destiny's way of making me wait for a pocket-friendly version! If swatches could speak, they would tell you that these two are very similar shades, if not the same.
The texture:-
All the pencils are very smooth and glide like a dream. Texture is akin to that of Faces Long Wear Pencils and Maybelline Eyestudio Vivid Smooth Eye liner. I know this because I own the Faces one in Forest Green and the Maybelline one in Peacock Green. Brilliant Bronze takes longer time than the others to dry up on the eyes, but that doesn't affect its lasting power. Also, since none of the shades I picked had glitter, I tried them on my waterline and they felt feather light. I don't know if anyone has experienced this, but some pencils(Maybelline Colossal for example) feel heavy on the waterline.

Lasting power:-
Incredibly long lasting over the lid. I even washed my face in between and the color didn't come off. I each of them for different time periods, but the average lies between 9-12 hours and neither one disappointed. Unfortunately they didn't last on the water line for long, after 6 hours wear I noticed that they became uneven on the waterline.

In conclusion,
The good:-
  • Extremely long lasting.
  • Cheap, very cheap.
  • Wide range of colors available
  • Nice packaging
  • Kryolan does not test on animals
  • Paraben free
  • Feels very light on the waterline
  • Comes off easily with a remover
The bad:-
  • Currently, Kryolan is available on only 3 cities in India -Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata( please correct me if I'm wrong)
  • Not available online.
  • Date of expiry not mentioned
  • Does not last on waterline.
Overall Verdict- 4.8/5
(minus points for not lasting on the waterline)

Honestly, I'm so elated about these pencils that I'm willing to overlook any faults. I recommend everyone to get their hands on these! I was about to buy Black Sparkle, a deep black color with blue glitter, which is a unique shade. Even the MUA urged me(more on her later) to buy it, but I didn't. **STUPID move**. I'll be going back to buy more of these, hope they are not sold out * fingers crossed*

Hope this review was helpful! Let us know your experience with these pencils.

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now