Maybelline New Lasting Drama Gel Liner upto 36Hr in 01 Black

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Being a make up newbie, there are so many things I'm using for the first time. When I read all those "empties" and "faves" posts on the gazillion beauty blogs out there, I begin to think, "May be I should do a firsts post!" Wouldn't that be interesting? But with me, it will be a reaaally long list, a job for another day.

On the note of firsts, this is my first gel liner. I don't have the Maybelline gel liner sold in Indian markets but I got this one! As the cover says, its New and Improved formula made to last until 36 hours, so it should be better than the previous one. This a part of my Maybelline Haul from Singapore. 

Cost- (a whopping)20.90SGD which is currently Rs.950.87.
*UPDATE: Available in India now for Rs.450.*
Quantity- 2.5gm/ 0,08 oz.

What Maybelline claims:-
New Improved Formula
  • More intense
  • Up to 36H lasting
  • Smudge-proof & Waterproof
Easy instant impact is now available in one stroke. More intense, more long lasting. The improved formula glides smoothly making a line without crease. Customized eye line brush allows lines to be drawn as desired from fine to thick. The creamy gel texture dries quickly after application. Waterproof, smudge-proof formula resists to sweat, tears, sebum and water.

My take on Maybelline New Lasting Drama Gel Liner upto 36Hr in 01 Black:
<<That is a really long name for this tiny tub of gel liner. >>

The packaging:-
It comes in a little plastic tub. The tub which has the gel inside is circular but it has a square cut. Kinda like L'Oreal Infalliable Eyeshadows. The previous Maybelline gel liner comes in a round tub. The square cut makes it easy to hold in one hand, while I line my eyes using my other hand.

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The color:- 
In one application I didn't get an intense black color. I had to layer it to get a dark black color.

The texture:-
It dries quickly on the lids and is smooth to apply. It has a thick gel like consistency, I can say its a creamy gel. Like I said earlier, I'm a beginner at this and I found it quite easy to work with. But remember girls, it dries quickly on the lids! Its not waterline safe, I've tested it and I experienced irritation and watering in my eyes.

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The Brush:-
Same size as the old/previous Maybelline gel liner(after comparision. Its small in size. A  great brush for applying thin, precise lines as well as thicker ones, I have washed it many times and it has not shed at and has retained its shape. It also dries quickly. I only wish that the handle was bigger, a slightly bigger brush would have given me better control. That said, its size makes it travel friendly and it comes with a cap. You win some, you lose some.

Long lasting or not?
Looong lastingI've work it for 8-9 hours only and it has worked out fine for me. I have normal lids-not too oily,not too dry. I did see some fading when I washed my face, by then I had completed a good 2 hours of wearing this. It comes off easily with a make up remover, the remover I use is not oil based. The fading disappointed me, and I doubt this liner will last for even 24 hours because no one puts make up and then resists washing their face for the next 36 hours.

Lets sum up the good and bad...

The good:- 
  • Long lasting.
  • No smudging
  • Doesn't fade until you wash your face.
  • Glides on easily, no need to tug or pull your delicate eyes.
  • Gives a matte finish (unless your looking for a glossy finish)
The bad:- 
  • WHY does it have to fade after I wash my face???
  • Because of the aforementioned, it will definitely not live up to its claim of 36H wear.
  • Not waterline safe.
  • Does not give an intense black color in a single application 
  • *UPDATE* Expensive
Note: I feel that the prices of Maybelline products are higher in Singapore than in India. If and when this product releases in India, I'm sure the price will be lower.

Overall verdict:- 4/5. (-1 because it fades when I wash my face) 
I don't think this is bad gel liner, it stays as long as you remove it. But it fades when you wash your face so if you use it, you'll have to be crafty while washing your face. If you have the old gel liner of Maybelline and love it, don't buy this one. The old one is as good as the new( This I have concluded by reading the reviews of the old gel liner and comparing it to my experience with the new one). I wish Maybelline would work on a formula which is long lasting even after continuous water onslaughts rather than ridiculous things like a 36 hour wear.

Has anyone tried this eye liner? I would love to know your experience!

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