Maybelline Eye Studio Master Drama Cream Pencil in Midnight Master 400

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Like I've mentioned in my Maybelline Haul post, I wanted these pencils because of their names. Come on, "Master Drama", "Midnight Master", these are pretty attractive names to a beauty enthusiast. Also, I saw the Maybelline website photos and these are supposed to be waterline safe, the model in the picture has it on her eye lid and her waterline. So why not? How often do you come across a cheap brown eye liner which is automatic i.e does not have to be sharpened? Not very often. But this post is about Midnight Master which is a Black eye liner. Sorry if I have confused you!

[UPDATE:]  you can find the swatch for Bold Brown here

Price-12.90SGD (Rs.591.95 currently)

Quantity- 0.28 gm/.01 oz

If and when these pencils release in India I'm sure they will be cheaper than the Singapore price.

What Maybelline claims:-
Master Delivery- applies corner to corner with a skip-proof creamy glide
Master Intensity- creates dramatic eyes with a rich color payoff
Master Wear- Lasts 24 hours for a smudge resistant wear.
Ophthalmologist testes. Safe for sensitive eyes. Contact lens safe.

My take on Master Drama Cream Pencils:-
For both the pencils i.e, midnight master and bold brown, my views on packaging and texture are same.

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now
The packaging:-
           Worst packaging ever. Automatic pencils are supposed to make our lives easier so that we don't have to sharpen our eye pencils each and every time we use them. But this pencil has the most annoying mechanism, the twist up doesn't work until you press the upper and lower part of the pencil reallly hard, making clickety noises in the process. Plus until you finish the eye liner that is out, you can twist and press the eye liner all you want but no more of the eye liner will come out. 
            The icing on the cake? The pencil does not retract; you can twist and turn it all you want, your stuck with a pencil that has a part of its contents popping out.  To add misery to your woes, you still have to close the pencil too, but given the conditions, it does not close fullyThis is true for both pencils

              Oh, I forgot to mention the only good point about the packaging that is, the lid matches the color of the eye liner. So if you plan on purchasing this pencil after my review, which I'm sure 90% of you will refrain from doing, you can locate these pencils easily in your vanity.
In a nutshell : The attractive packaging is akin to a book cover. Don't judge the pencil till you've tried its mechanism. It has the worst mechanism an eye liner could have. 
             Since this was the case for both the pencils I have, I can conclude that this will be the scenario for the entire range.

The color:-
It gives an intense black in a single swipe. But even Lakme Eyeconic Kajal gives the exact same intensity. Here are the swatches w/o flash.

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now
The texture:-
Its very creamy. It reminds me of Faces Long Wear pencils in terms of texture. You see that bit of eye liner in the pic below? It gets used up in one application(on the lids+on waterline), hence I feel the eye liner will be over very quickly if it is used daily. 

The pencil is long lasting, but that is too little considering everything else it puts you through.
Summing up...

The good:- 
  • Gives an intense black color in single swipe
  • Long lasting(I used it for 6hrs) even on the waterline.
  • Does not smudge
  • Creamy, glides on easily, no need to tug or pull your delicate eyes.
The bad:- 
  • Bad packaging-not user friendly. Refer to the para on packaging.
  • Quantity is less and will get finished quickly
Overall verdict:- 2.5/5
All the subtracted marks are for the bad packaging. It does not close completely, so you can't even carry it in your handbag, lest in opens and ruins the inside of your precious bag.
I do not recommend this product. And I definately won't be re/purchasing any master drama cream pencils.

Sorry about the negative review, but I did give it the benefit of doubt. I would like to know your experience with these pencils. Also, if these release in India, will you purchase any?

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now