Review : Faces Eye Shadow Brushes - Eye Shadow Brush and Angled Eye Shadow Brush

Faces Cosmetics is such godsend for budget make-up enthusiasts. I'm not a fan of their glittery eye shadows because they have ALOT of fall out but pigmentation wise they don't disappoint. Faces launched these February and they are very reasonably priced! Whenever I see affordable make up brushes my mind goes into overdrive. I feel like, I HAVE to try them, I have to try them..arghh I Have Toooo.... I scoured Indian make up and beauty blogs but I couldn't find reviews on any of the new eye brushes. So I just went ahead and purchased these in April(online), and yes, I have been using them for quite a while.
I picked  up two brushes, the Eye Shadow Brush and the Angled Eye Shadow Brush. Here's a review on the brushes and also a word on how I use them in my eye make up routine.
Cost:-  Rs.249/- for each brush.

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now

Packaging, Texture and Size:-
Labels on the brushes
            Each brush come in a plastic pack which has a zipper so you can reuse the pack. They also come with a plastic cap/guard, so you can pop them into your bag with ease, however the brushes  are very big in size. Each brush is labelled. Both brushes are very soft to use, they are dense as well. I have washed them ALOT and they haven't shed once. However they have become a tad scratchy. These are of good quality. Coming back to the size, they are really big! They won't fit into my normal travel bag which I use for brushes, so that's that, I'll have to buy a bigger bag or I can just put them in the plastic case they came in. ;-)

Zipper packaging & cap
A comparision of size
Note:- In the pictures below, I have applied some eye shadow on the bristles so that you can see the bristles clearly; their true color leans towards a very dark brown almost black color. 

Faces Eyeshadow Brush:- 
         When I purchased this brush I thought it would be a 'C' shaped brush. Its not, its a blending brush. I use it to pat powder on my under eye area, for which it is excellent. I also use it too apply a single eyeshadow color on the eye lids. I've used it for blending the crease as well. Overall, for what I use it, I'm happy with this brush.

                                                Faces Angled Eyeshadow Brush:-

I absolutely love this brush. The brush part has the same dimensions as the previous one. I use it for applying eye shadow all over my eyes, applying crease color and I 
use the lateral side to apply color to the brow bone. It's a versatile brush. Its softer than the previous brush and doesn't become as scratchy as that one.


Final Verdict:-

Eyeshadow Brush - 4.5/5
Angled Eyeshadow Brush- 5/5
These brushes are dense and haven't shed despite regular washes. And they are affordable. What are you waiting for??? 

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now