Online Shopping Experience Review and Haul -, Aramex Delivery

If there's anything I like more than shopping, its online shopping! Its so relaxing to know that despite the extremely sunny/ stormy weather, I can still get my hands on necessities, that too by just sitting at home. Online shopping helps you become aware of brands you might not have heard before, products you wouldn't have thought of trying, products from international brands too and best of all is that most of the stuff is priced lesser than that at stores.

Recently, I did a major Inglot haul at . MajorBrands is actually a retail organisation which is a partner for brands like Mango, Aldo, Aldo Accessories, Charles & Keith, Inglot, La Senza, Bebe, Nine West and Promod in India.

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now

A few screenshots of the site:

Yeah, right now its on the end of season sale.
Here is the Inglot section.

First of all, this is not the first time that I have shopped online, this would be the 7th time, but its the first time I have tried MajorBrands. 

I placed my order on 1st July evening, the sale had not started then. 
You have the option to pay online or you can go for COD by paying additional Rs.150/-(how steep). Free shipping is available only for orders above Rs.1000/-. Again, how steep.

I placed an order for 6 eye shadow refills, yeah, Inglot has soooo many colors, you kinda get lost in the whole thing and just end up splurging. There's no shortage of sites on which you can see swatches of almost all Inglot eye shadow refills so its quite easy to make a purchase online. I recommend the following two sites for checking out swatches: :
You can see the swatches on fair and medium skin. What a delight! It really helped me rule out the colors which were bright, but would only end up looking ashy on my pigmented lids.
2.  :
 Though, I didn't follow her advice, she has shown the swatch of all the Inglot eye shadow refills she owns on her eyes, that's very helpful.

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now

Moving on with the review, I choose the option to pay online. After placing my order I received to confirmation emails and an SMS as well. However, after that until 6th of July, I had not received any news about my package. I live in Mumbai and I'm used to getting packaged delivered within 2 days, and at max 3, more than 5 days is unacceptable for a city like Mumbai. Anyways, on 6th I received an sms from Aramex (the courier company used by MajorBrands)telling me that my package was attempted on 5th but could not be delivered. I was super confused as I had not received any intimation about my package on 5th. So, I contacted Aramex that morning, and after about 5-7 calls I finally got to speak to their customer care executive(CCE), until then I was put on hold from the minute the call was picked up. The CCE was quite rude, however I told her my concern and she said that the package will be delivered on the same day, i.e 6th. So I waited and waited and waited. By 4.30pm I had still not received the package and I was worried because after 6pm no couriers are sent. I called Aramex again and another CCE told me that it will be delivered by 6pm. I waited till 6.30pm, still no package. By then I was upset and worried, I called Aramex again, but I got a message saying that their Customer Care is closed at 5.00pm on Saturdays. 6th was a saturday, and the Customer Care was closed for Sunday also, so you can imagine my anxiety. :-(

On the morning of 8th July (Monday, one week had passed), I received the same message I had got on 6th, " my parcel was attempted but is pending". I was shocked and pissed. "Attempted" implies that they came until my doorstep and found me unavailable so had to return without giving the package. They never even took out my package from their storage, how can they label it as "Attempted" then? I called up MajorBrands Customer Care and told them that I had not yet received my package after one week of placing the order. The CCE told me that she would get in touch with Aramex and tell them to dispatch it today, and I told her to call me and let me know when I would be able to get the package at my home. By 1pm I had not received any intimation from the CCE at MajorBrands, so I called up the Customer Care of Aramex again, the CCE told me that my package was attempted, I told her that no such thing had happened and that I wanted the package today itself. I showed aggression, so she told me that I would receive it at 2pm. By 3.30pm I had still not received my package. I called up the CCE at MajorBrands again  and told her about this, she said that she had talked to Aramex and that I would get my parcel today. Then I asked her why she hadn't informed me this earlier like I had requested. If she had, I wouldn't have had to call up Aramex and listen to the misinformed CCEs there. Anyways, I was tired of calling up both parties, i.e Aramex and MajorBrands, so I just prayed that my package would reach me. And miraculously-and I mean it, it was a miracle- I got my package at 4.00pm. The Aramex courier guy asked me if I had complained, and I said yes. I was in no mood to open  the package, infact I was ready to send it back, but seeing the discipline and reliability of both parties I decided to drop that plan. But for the sake of the review, here's some pics.

Here's is the plastic it came in, no box packaging 
Here's a partial of the receipt
Here's the receipt & the bubble wrap,the refills are inside it
The eye shadow refills
I was happy to see that 5 out of the 6 eye shadows were recent. Only one, #372 MATTE was from 2011. I got each eye shadow refill for Rs.245/- which is a sweet deal considering that each individual refill is Rs.350/-. Square refills had Rs.50 off. I know everyone says that you should get the square refills because they are bigger in size, but I decided to go for round refills because they were cheaper(Rs.105/- off) and also, a few colors I choose are bright and not exactly daily wear, so I don't need them in a large quantity. I don't know how obvious this is in the picture, but the round refills are quite big in size and are totally worth the money, I will do a size comparison later.
I spent Rs.1470/- on my order.

Overall Verdict:- 2/5.
 I'm happy with the products but the service was a huge disappointment. The reasons:
  • My package arrived really late.
  • I got no intimation regarding when my package would arrive.
  • The customer service of Aramex was pathetic.
  • Aramex is not fully aware how to use English language. (Don't know what's the meaning of "attempted").
  • Customer service of MajorBrands was unconcerned and unhelpful.
  • I think that even though Aramex failed to inform me about the delivery info of my package, MajorBrands should have informed me. (Flipkart does)
In the end, online shopping experience boils down to the products, the delivery speed and the customer service. MajorBrands failed on two counts. Hence the low points.

Hope there wasn't too much negativity in this post, my aim was to be honest and create public awareness. Thank you!