My favorite smudging & eye makeup brush ~ Bourjois Double Ended Applicator - Review, Photos, Price

You know, I'm not crazy into make up(yet), its just the stage of testing waters, so to speak. Since I can't wear make up on a daily basis to college, I'm constantly on the look out for pocket-friendly quality products. Moreover, I'm not an earner, till then, I want(read: try) to spend(read: waste) as little of my parents money as possible, on my vanity.
Make up brushes are important and there are really good quality brushes available at reasonable rates, but not in India, still that doesn't justify that I should spend four grand on a brush set from a high end brand when I can definitely find a dupe in a drugstore brand. Trust me, its all there, you just have to search for it. And when you find such a product, you know that you have gotten lucky.

Speaking of getting lucky, well.. I did! I found this amazing brush!

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Bourjois Professional Double Ended Applicator
Cost:- Rs.150 (How many of you don't believe me? Yep, thought so!)
I think its price may have increased to Rs.185/- now, not sure though, but that's still cheap!

This is a dual ended brush, it has a flat smudger( can also be used as a lip brush) on one end and a pencil smudger on the other end.

I like brushes to be of this size. You can see the size comparison in the Faces Brushes post.
A few instructions which are mentioned on the pack in which it came-

I was looking for a small travel sized brush., since this is a 3-in-1 brush, I brought it. Once I started using it I knew I would have to buy another one just for my bag, so I can use this one at home!

How I use it:
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Flat smudger
Flat smudger

1. As an eye shadow brush:-
        I use the flat smudger as an on the lid eye shadow brush. This brush is So soft,small and densely packed, perfect for applying color on the lid. Because its dense, it picks up a lot of color, and its size make it perfect to fit into that hard to reach area just above the lashes which other brushes(like Faces) missed. I love it, its the brush I reach for in every eye shadow application.

2. As a smudger:-

Pencil Smudger
         I'm not a fan of the pencil smudger. Its too hard and doesn't smudge powder shadows easily. I feel like I'm rubbing those erasers-the ones which are present on the back of some pencils-on my eyes. The flat smudger works well as a smudger, since it is soft, it doesn't hurt the eye area or put any undue pressure. Its a great brush for smudging, especially on the lower lash line. 

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now
Flat smudger, lateral view
Like I mentioned before, it can also be used as a lip brush, but I haven't used it that way yet, I feel its a tad too big for precise application on lips.

I've washed this brush so many times, it has not lost its shape. Its stiff, yet soft and dense, plus its size allows me to keep it in my purse for touch-ups on the go. Its cheap but there's no compromise on the quality, what's not to love??
Overall Verdict :- 5+++++/5
Seriously? Do I need to say more? Buy it already ;-)

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now