Rave- The Body Shop Face and Body Brush Review

Hi there! Its been a while since my last post, no ?! I would have posted sooner, but, I fell sick :( With swine flu reaching pandemic levels I was terrified! Thankfully, it was just a throat infection with cold, something I suffer from frequently when the weather changes. Then I had to rush to college (over 300kms far from Pune) for an exam, when I finally got back to Pune, it was effing raining…pouring actually! The temperature had dropped down to like 15C, which only meant that if I didn’t bundle myself up I would fall sick, again. Sigh, just when Pune was getting warmer. Watching the news made me realize there is a problem in many places in India and the temperatures are dropping rapidly. Well, I hope that when you’re reading this post, you’re enjoying a warm and crisp weather with a light cool breeze!

The Body Shop Face and Body Brush Review India

Today’s product is something that’s been in a happy place in my vanity case for a long time. I think I got it in Aug-2013 so a good 1.5 years and its still in use, in the same condition as the day it was bought.

Price: Rs.995/~$16
Availability: The Body Shop

Product description

Perfect for applying loose powder or bronzer over face, neck and d├ęcolletage. 
• Super-soft synthetic hair 
• Cruelty-free

My experience with The Body Shop Face & Body Brush:

It took a certain amount of cheek to buy this brush. Back then, it costed Rs.810 and I got it for 10% Off, so I paid Rs.729 for it. Which was OK, considering it is a cruelty free makeup brush. But I was just starting out in makeup and the max I’d spend for it was Rs.550. Still, I felt so giddy once I got it! It was the first proper face makeup tool I had, and it is so worth the money I spent. It has a lovely black body and silver ferrule which gives it a professional look. The body has the brush name and that has not faded off even after such a long time!

The Body Shop Face & Body Brush sufficiently large and fluffy, not as flared out as a rounded brush, obviously. When I first used it underneath my eyes, it felt sharp, like it was poking the skin actually, but on the rest of my face it felt super soft. But once I washed it, it was soft and smooth in any way I used it on my face. It’s a tapered powder brush, and I’m so attuned to using it that I find it more comfortable than a rounded powder brush. It always gives the perfect dusting of powder on my face. It’s a little tricky to use with loose powder given its shape, but after a couple of tries, I got a hang of it. The Face & Body Brush is super soft, softer than the Real Techniques’ brushes that I own, in fact, its synthetic bristles feel superior to those of Real Techniques’ brushes on the face.

I’ve owned it for 1.5 years and it shed just one hair at the time of first wash. Thereafter, it has never shed or even discolored. It hasn’t lost its shape either, I am very careful of how I wash my brushes. The only minor hitch in the Face & Body Brush is that it takes a long time to dry, longer than the very dense Real Techniques Blush brush, probably because of its different shape. I love the tapered shape because it makes it easier to reach all the parts of the face, its perfect for dabbing powder under the eye. It may seem small to use for face but its not, I’ve also used it on my sis, who has a larger face and it was quite convenient.

You can see from the pics that the Face & Body Brush can stand on its own, which is a neat little bonus! This is supposedly good for bronzer, but I think a thicker brush with shorter bristles would be more appropriate for that, this would be floppy for that purpose.

The Body Shop Face and Body Brush Review India

The Body Shop Face and Body Brush Review India

The Body Shop Face and Body Brush Review India

The Body Shop Face and Body Brush Review India

Overall verdict: 5/5

Yes, The Body Shop Face & Body Brush is insanely expensive now, but if you’re in need of an excellent, long lasting powder brush, I would suggest you wait till this goes on sale. Currently, if you buy any 4 TBS products from their site, you get 30% on each product, which means it can be yours for Rs.700…that is a great deal! I love The Body Shop Face & Body Brush and I don’t see myself buying another powder brush for a long time!