Empty Plastic Spray Bottles from eBay India- Really Cheap, yet Chic

Recently while searching Google for empty spray bottles I came across one entry from eBay India. I've never shopped from eBay India or eBay international before but I'm really impressed with this particular seller. I placed my order on 16th June and received my package on 18th June. I also received a message from eBay when my package was shipped and when I should expect to receive it, although they were wrong about the date of arrival, it arrived one day earlier.

What I ordered:
Just one set of empty plastic spray bottles. See THIS link for the product
The seller also gave a pamphlet of his store and on the pamphlet its written that 'If your product is not available in our store please mail me. We provide for you". How thoughtful!

I wasn't sure what I was buying because the product name on eBay is basically like a bunch of keywords so I contacted the seller first. He/She was Very prompt and replied back within few hours of my query. So if you plan on purchasing from them do contact them and ask for shipping details. I even received an email from them after I placed my order.

Basically you get 4 empty plastic spray bottles. of 100ml each, for just Rs.180, with free shipping. Awesome, right?

The colors are given randomly. The bottles are of good quality and the spraying mechanism actually works well. Each time the first 3 pumps are empty and then the bottle starts spraying. The nozzle is very fine and right now I tried it with just water and it sprays it in a fine mist. I think its great for perfumes. 

So if your planning any DIY projects which require spray bottles, now you know where to find them. You can even use spray bottles to store you toners or homemade perfumes or as a perfume atomizer.

Can you guess what I need it for? I will be revealing soon...stay tuned ladies ;)