Hauls! ~ First Haul of 2014

So I’m leaving for college today. The vacations are officially over for me, and I have to go back and start a new semester. I’m really sad about this, for the first time I’m not at all looking forward to college. But I’m not here to weep, I’m here to make you and myself happy. We know all ladies love to shop, and love to see what others have got! Well yesterday I went and brought myself some absolutely necessary things, I wanted to splurge as well but a lot of products that I wanted weren't in stock. Also these are the first products I purchased this year, 2014, so first haul of the year. 

Here’s what I got:


  • Maybelline Clear Glow BB Stick in Fawn. Rs.250                                                    You know I love my Garnier BB cream and for me it was going to be the last BB cream that I tried. I actually wanted to buy a foundation but none of the shades at the Lakme, Maybelline and Loreal counters were a perfect match for me. Then I swatched this one and it was perfect, an exact match, so I HAD to get it.
  • Revlon Touch and Glow Moisturizing Powder in Ivory Matte. Rs.415                  I’m so sick of cheap compacts. I have two, Rimmel Stay Matte and Maybelline Clear Smooth and the powders of both broke when they were dropped just one damn time. The Maybelline one is still usable, but the entire Stay Matte powder came off the case and was all over the floor. That was it for me, no more budget compacts. Only pricey  reasonably expensive ones. I might buy the Lakme Absolute one next, its packaging is so pretty.
  • Lakme Color Crush Nail Polish in 08. Rs.150                                                               It’s a plain white color. You know I wouldn’t need to spend double a white nail polish if MNY Color Show’s Porcelain Party was easily available. But its sold out everywhere, online and offline too.
  • Lakme Eyeconic Brown. Rs.250                                                                                       Yes! You read right, brown and all other shades are officially available now! The counter had 3 Eyeconic Whites but only 1 Brown which I was lucky enough to grab before it disappeared.
Skin care...

  • Creamy Coconut Shower gel. Rs.249                                                                    Brought from Marks & Spencer, it has the most divine smell, like a cookie with slight hints of coconut. I actually wanted to buy the new Blueberry Shower gel from The Body Shop but it was OOS, so off I strode with vengeance, to M & S. Just look at the pristine white tube with black coconut sketches, such a clean and pretty design
  • Nivea Total Face Cleanup. Rs.99                                                                                  You know the face pack and scrub routine that I mentioned here? This is an all-in-one product~ cleanser,scrub & mask. So I don't need to carry 3 different tubes with me. I’m excited to try it out. I’ve used only one product from Nivea before(apart from their lip balm), it was a face wash from Singapore and it was quite impressive.
  • Loreal Paris Fall Repair 3x Shampoo.                                                                         I use this shampoo regularly, but this bottle is thinner, has Loreal reduced quantities? I will have to check with the old bottle in my hostel.
So you see, all necessary stuff. I also wanted to buy Lakme Absolute Baked Blush in the shade Day Blushes but its OOS everywhere! Has Lakme stopped manufacturing it?

And the last thing, actually falls in the Fashion category. 

You know the Vero Moda-Only-Jack n Jones stores? At first I used to like their stuff a lot, then I got over it, though my sis still loves their stuff. The material sucked and everything became ridiculously expensive every season. I was walking past their store when I noticed the sale signs. Now Vero Moda is absolutely crazy during sales, and this was the first day of the sale. I walked in just to see if there was something interesting and also to report to my sis because she was working at her job then. And then I found this skirt from Only. I was just lazily sorting through the tops on the table when this skirt just came into my hand. It was so cute, a deep blue color with white hearts and spots. And it was my size, something that’s a rare find during sales. I tried it on and voila! Perfect fit. So I had to buy it, its actually a gift from my aunt to me. 

Later I went to Vero Moda with my sis and we shopped for her till 10pm. By then, they had shut the exits and only 1 was half open, for us. ;-)

Hope you liked the stuff, will review them sooner…or later :-P