Avon Clearskin Blemish Clearing 2-in-1 Solution & Hydrator - Review

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now crazybeautyland.blogspot.com

Its been a while since I did a post on skin care here. Its easier to do make up reviews because, relatively speaking, not all the products require a long time to be tested(unless it’s a base product). But skincare takes time to evaluate. Its important to test it under as many different conditions as possible, to give a full rounded review. There are some products that don’t work in some seasons and work in others, then there are some which work the same way every season. Avon Clearskin blemish clearing 2-in-1 Solution & Hydrator falls in the latter category for me.

Cost: Rs.249 (Available for less during discounts)
Qty: 30ml

Company claims & Instructions:

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now crazybeautyland.blogspot.com

My take on Avon Clearskin blemish clearing 2-in-1 Solution & Hydrator:

It comes in a plastic tube. I wish the tube had a nozzle style tip because the product is quite runny that kind of tip would have given more control and led to less wastage. Most of the time I find the product present on the tip of the tube. There’s absolutely no need to squeeze the tube to get the product out, if you hold the tube at a tilted angle the product will come out. I always store this upright to prevent the product from oozing out of the tube.

Texture, usage :
It’s a very runny liquid, like something between a solution and a lotion. It has a lightweight texture but I’ve never used it under make up because sometimes it doesn’t completely disappear into my skin, it kinda sits there and gets sticky sometimes. This can be used for a spot treatment as well as a lotion for the face.

It claims to be hydrating but I didn’t find it so. Infact, when I used it for spot correcting, my skin actually became drier. I really loved that it was able to reduce my pimples by 50% each night I used it, till finally there were none left. Its easy to get a bit carried away using this because you need only a tiny amount for each pimple but a lot of product is released from the tube. This tube will last me a very long time though. It works by drying out the pimples and it does that really fast, I use it overnight only and by morning my pimples have significantly reduced(50%). I haven’t experienced any allergy from using this, even on the skin around my nose where another Avon product stings me, this one doesn’t.

It has a mild medicinal smell but it doesn't linger.

  • Easy to use
  • Its able to reduce and clear pimples from the face
  • Little product is required for each use
  • Has a mild smell which doesn't linger
  • Economical

  • Ingredient list not mentioned
  • The packaging doesn’t suit the texture of the product
  • Requires an representative to procure.

Overall verdict:- 4.5/5.

I really like this product. I’ve been using it since months whenever I see pimples and it always makes them go. I highly recommend this. I hope that my skin doesn’t get used to this and it stops working, this tends to happen with some products.

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now crazybeautyland.blogspot.com