My TOP 5 Best and Disappointments from THE BODY SHOP // What you should get from the 25% off 3 + FREE Shipping Sale

The Body Shop website has had FREE SHIPPING since almost 2 months and I resisted purchases simply because I had done a big haul just before their free shipping period launched. However, I couldn't resist anymore when I saw that they still have free shipping and an additional 25% off  3 on some products. So here are my recommendations in case you also couldn't hold back =)

The Best : (I LOVE all of these !)

A long wearing pink cheek stain that makes you look naturally flushed. Everyone I’ve recommended it to has fallen in love with it ! A good buy for beginners as well. This shade is glitter free, it is disappointing that TBS doesn’t have more shades in this variant. Full review & swatches here.

This clay face mask makes the perfect winter indulgence, as you apply it on your face, you’ll notice that it warms up. This feeling is very comforting, especially in winters. It is able to detox my skin very well. Full review here. Since it is pricey, this sale is the time you must check it out!

I have this hair oil since an year. During some months I have been irregular but whenever I regularly use it, I’ve noticed that it has boosted my hair growth! Therefore I have repurchased it as well :) This is also pricey, but you get a lot of quantity!

4. Moringa Body Milk Lotion | Rs.695
This is for ladies like me who have dry skin but a) hate thick lotions b) are too lazy to bother with lotions :P This lotion comes with a spray nozzle so you can just spray it on to your body and its consistency is thin so it gets absorbed quickly once you massage it in and it doesn’t leave your skin greasy. Despite having a thin texture, it keeps my skin soft. Of course it smells like moringa =)

These are great makeup removers, but pricey! However, you must invest in good makeup removers if you don’t want to breakout everytime you wear makeup. I definitely recommend the Butter over the Oil because a lot of people have complained about its pump being faulty. See review of the oil here.

The products listed above are those that I love, however they are pricey, so if I were you, I’d get them during sale. Below are products I love but since they’re relatively cheaper, you may not need to buy them during sale, but definitely keep them in mind :)

Bonus :
Cocoa Butter / Shea Butter / The Brazil Nut Shower Cream : perfect shower products for winters. Stock up on at least one of these for colder seasons. See review of Shea shower cream. I hate TBS for discontinuing The Brazil Nut range :[

Organic Cotton Rounds: At first, Rs.300 may feel steep for a pack of cotton rounds that one can get literally anywhere. But I’ve been so disappointed with every brand of cotton rounds I’ve ever tried. Enter TBS cotton rounds, they are super soft and most importantly, do not disintegrate during use. Mentioned here

Disappointments :

1. Bath Gloves | Rs.395
I’ve used these thrice, and they are still rough. I’m scared to use them again. Enough said, right? Mentioned here.

 This one is different from the oils in the same range that are mentioned above. It’s a clear remover with a water-like consistency. Read about my awful experience with it here. However, I must say that it did work on my sister. BUT it is pricey and has a small shelf life (6 months), so I would avoid buying it!

3. Bath Lily | Rs.225
I purchased the coral bath lily and it disintegrated in one use. I have the Honeymania bath lily which I have used many times and its in good condition, but I’d still advise you not to splurge on these bath lilies when you can get softer ones for cheaper at any general store.

I personally don’t like the scent of this product, it’s a strong musky scent and its not even ‘nutty’. In addition to that, my skin never really felt “clean” after using this, there was visible dead skin when I rubbed my body post bath (unless I use a loofah) which doesn’t happen with other body washes.

I bought one last year and it dried up too soon and just clumped my lashes together. Very disappointing because their mascaras have such cute packaging!

So these are my recommendations, what are you planning to pick up from The Body Shop ? I will be revealing my picks on Instagram once they are delivered to me :D

PS : Not sponsored, I have not been compensated to do this post and all of the products mentioned have been bought by my money.