Primed for perfection : Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review, Price, Ingredients and other bits

I generally go for long wearing makeup but in India, you need to go the extra mile sometimes. The weather is pretty much unpredictable and don’t even get me started on the humidity some places have!  Therefore I decided to invest in a primer, initially I got it with the intention of using only during functions & festivals, but slowly it has crept into my daily makeup routine. I’m talking about the Colorbar Perfect Match Primer. This is my first face primer :)

 Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review Price Swatches Details India

Company Claims & Ingredients:
This satiny touch oil free primer masks the fine lines and uneven texture, making skin marvelously soft and smooth. Dab on a little all over face for smoothening surface or use before concealer and foundation for perfect complexion and lasting effect

 Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review Price Swatches Details India

My experience with the Colorbar Perfect Match Primer :

Packaging : The Colorbar Perfect Match Primer comes in a plastic squeeze tube having shiny cap, I think its kind of fancy and very chic! The packaging is actually perfect because it gives you control to dispense the amount of product you need.

Texture: The Colorbar primer is clear. The texture is very, very silicone-y. It is indeed silky like the claims and glides on effortlessly onto every nook & corner of my face. You have to make sure you don’t put too much of this, else you’ll end up feeling greasy and oily on your face, akin to applying too much serum on your hair.

Effects:  The Colorbar Primer easily makes my face smooth and gives it an even texture. However, it is very drying. I always make sure I moisturize my skin well if I'm applying the Colorbar Primer otherwise my skin gets dry once I've applied the it and the makeup application isn't easy then! I do not know if this happens with all primers as the Colorbar one is my first.

 Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review Price Swatches Details India

When I have any pimples or bumps I apply the Colorbar Primer over them and they smooth out and don’t stand out as bumps. This makes it so much easier to conceal pimples! I also love putting this primer on my eye contour, this ensures that my concealer doesn’t settle into those fine lines we all have under eyes and also makes my concealer last all day. It also makes it easier to layer products; I use a cream corrector and a cream concealer on my eye contour. They start creasing soon if I don’t apply a primer underneath.

Does My Makeup Last All Day?
On the whole, the Colorbar Primer doesn’t really prolong the wear time of all of my makeup, however, it does make my face look fresh at the end of the day too! I’ve noticed that when I’ve been out for a long time, spent a considerable amount of time in the sun and pollution, my face still looks fresh if I’ve worn the Colorbar Perfect Match Primer underneath my makeup. I’ve even worn it through an intense and sweaty dance festival (hello Dandiya!) and even after the insane amount of dance I did, my face looked fresh, despite being sweaty. However, my makeup pretty much wore off. Another thing I noted is that it doesn’t hold as well in the humid weather of Mumbai.

An important aspect in makeup products that we’re always on the lookout for is that they should not break us out. Fortunately, the Colorbar Perfect Match Primer has not broken me out whenever I’ve worn it. It also doesn’t aggravate my pimples when I apply it over them. I use it almost daily in my eye contour and it has not affected the area at all. If you are allergic to some silicone products, please check the ingredients list & verify with your dermatologist if its ok for you to use this product as it contains a lot of silicones.

Product vs Price:
Price: Rs. 825 / $13 (Available for cheaper online)

Qty: 30ml / 1 oz.
Availability: Jabong | Amazon | Nykaa | Flipkart 

 Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review Price Swatches Details India

Overall Verdict: 4/5
The Colorbar Perfect Match Primer is a great primer to start out with and its easy on the pocket. It has a hassle free packaging and is easily available in India as well! I like to hydrate my face well before using it as it is drying. It prolongs the weartime of my makeup, especially in the eye contour and keeps my face looking fresh all day.