Review : Does the Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB Cream live up to its claims?

Hey everyone, I'm gonna write about my experience with another BB cream. This is actually the first BB cream I brought, before the Pond's and the Garnier BB Creams, but for some reason I've ended up reviewing it after both of them. 

About my skin: Normal-dry right now. I don't have any major pimples just minor blemishes, some pores on the nose (not visible), no scars that I need to cover, so light coverage foundations are fine except for dark circles and pigmentation around my mouth where I need full coverage.

What is a BB cream? 

After a search on internet:- BB cream stands for blemish balmblemish basebeblesh balm (apparently because of a trademark in Korea on the word "blemish"), and in Western markets, beauty balmThe formula is reported to have originated in Germany where, due to the cream's soothing and skin-regenerating properties, dermatologists have been using it for healing scars caused by laser skin surgery. A famous South Korean actresses then started using it for beauty purposes and since then a craze was born. The trend that started in Korea spread to Japan, China, South East Asia and has since made its way to Europe and the USA.
But every company which manufactures a BB cream promises some additional benefits like fairness, mattifying skin, glowing skin etc. Healthy competition or false promises? Decide for yourself!

 Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB Cream Apricot Review Price Where to Buy in India

Cost:- Rs. 625 / $9.25
Quantity:- 30ml / 1 oz
Shades: 01 Fair, 02 Beige, 03 Sand, 04 Apricot and 05 Amber.
Shelf Life:- 3 years. To be used within 6 months of opening
Availability: Here & here
Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB Cream Apricot Review Price Ingredients

Product Description/Claims:

5-in-1 BB CREAM, a skin perfecting, all-in-one foundation with a multi-performance formula:
1. first it smoothes and primes skin;
2. then it conceals and minimises imperfections;
3. evens out skin tone,
4. moisturises and nourishes skin,
5. and protects it against UV radiation and pollution.
Featuring a multi-function formula, beauty balm offers skin a host of benefits plus perfect skin in just one product. Hypoallergenic*, with a delicate violet scent.
SPF20 for effective protection from photoageing.

 Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB Cream Apricot Review Price Where to Buy in India

How to use:
5-in-1 BB CREAM has a soft, fluid consistency that allows for as little or as much coverage as required, without ever looking “cakey”. A single application is all it takes to achieve a sheer, natural look; repeat for more visible coverage.

My take on  Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB Cream in 04 Apricot:


The Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB Cream comes in a sleek, sexy black tube, which is small enough to be carried in your make up bag. But I despise that the description is written in so manyyyy different languages, it covers the entire tube. Alot of the product gets accumulated at the nozzle, its so messy! It defeats the purpose of the tube. 

Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB Cream Apricot Review Price Where to Buy in India

Color, texture and use:-

I have the shade Apricot 04, it is a shade which has slightly rosy undertones. It completely mimics my skin tone and provides really sheer coverage. I can't make out the difference before and after I put it. Because of its rosy undertone it some what lightens the darkness under my eyes after I put a single layer but I can't keep on piling the layers as it ends up looking gray. I have heavy dark circles and it barely conceals them in one layer. It doesn't even out my skin, same problem that I had with my beloved Garnier BB Cream. The rosy undertones help to brighten up my skin. It has a really nice texture and its extremely easy to spread with fingers, its doesn't sit heavy on my face, its feather light. I simply dot it over my face and spread it with my fingers. Sometimes, I have combination skin, my nose and inner cheeks get oily. BB creams are known to moisturize hence I was not surprised to find that the finish was dewy on the oily areas and matte in the rest. I do feel the need to set my face with a powder if I'm outside. 

 Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB Cream Apricot Review Price Swatch India

 Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB Cream Apricot Review Price Swatch India

Lets see if  
Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB Cream matches its claims..
1. it smoothes and primes skin -Yes

2. it conceals and minimises imperfections- Not really, I had a few pimples which were tiny but it still couldn't conceal them. Ditto for my heavy dark circles.

3. evens out skin tone - No it doesn't for me, but might work for someone with lesser color variation on their face.

4. moisturizes and nourishes skin - It simply moisturizes the skin, I don't feel any nourishment, nor do I feel dryness.

5. And protects it against UV radiation and pollution- It has SPF20 but that's only useful if you don't sweat out the product which your bound to do if you don't set it with a powder. I have got pimples after I used it, so it really doesn't help in protection from pollution.

Initially I did feel that my pimples happened because I used this cream so I stopped using it. But after my pimples went I tried this cream again and the pimples didn't come back. However the BB cream didn't do anything to reduce the pimples.

Weartime: Since it completely mimics my skin tone, is very light weight and provides really sheer coverage, I can't make out how long it stays on my skin or whether it has faded out. However, one day after 4 hours of wearing it, I could feel the cream when I was washing out my face. I set my face with powder, so I guess this cream will stay for 3-4 hours or at max 5 hours on normal skin.

If you have dry skin you will need a moisturizer under the Deborah Milano BB Cream
, for normal to oily skinned ladies the BB cream alone will be sufficient.

 Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB Cream Apricot Review Price Swatch India

Overall verdict:- 2.5/5
I don't think its a bad BB cream per se, I like using it but its definitely over priced. I love the Garnier BB Cream and at Rs.199/- for 40g it wins over Deborah Milano BB Cream any day. The low marks are because it doesn't match its claims. Its available in 5 shades but shades for deeper skin tones is missing. I have a medium skintone & the fourth shade is a good match for me.