Maybelline Haul!!!

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now

Hello sweeties, 

Okay, first off I'd like to thank my mom because she purchased all this for me. She is a really unique person. She was staying in Singapore for some time and when she announced that she was planning to return, I mailed her a list of things I wanted from Singapore. So my kind and very generous mother, roamed around Singapore malls on Mother's Day to buy me all the things I needed. A subset of the list were Maybelline products. My mom has no clue when it comes to make up, but she hunted down the store and brought me the stuff anyways. And I'm so so so grateful for that, and of course I feel guilty that she spent Mother's Day shopping for me, but I plan to make up for it now that I'm at home. And yes, these products were brought two weeks ago, but I got home yesterday. The first thing I did was take out all of these and just stare at them happily, and then, when my mom woke up ( I reached at 6 am), I covered her in kisses and hugs. 
So here's the haul ladies,

maybelline singapore drugstore haul

[UPDATE: I have updated the list with the links to the review pages!]

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now

Now I know that The Falsies and Anti-Oxidant Berry are available in India. Actually I wanted the lip balm in a flavor called Smoothing Berry but the SA gave this one to my mom. Also, the Falsies were unavailable at any store near me, and I didn't want to buy it online, so I asked my mom had to get. 
The gel eye liner is not the one that's available in India yet, its a new formula one which is supposed to last for 36hr. I wonder who wears make up that long! The Tough as Taupe eye tattoo is a shade which is not available in India. I had a bad experience with the Bold Gold color tattoo, but I wanted this anyways because I feel that taupe is a very wearable yet versatile shade. Plus, I believe in second chances ! 
And, the Master Drama Cream Pencils!! I heard they are limited edition in the US but they are also available in Singapore. I felt like I just had to have them, I love the name and I couldn't wait for them to release in India, if Maybelline planned to do so at all. So, like they say-Strike the iron while its still hot! I decided to put them on the list, lest they become sold out in Singapore. I'm so happy my mom was able to get them!!! 

 I'm going ga-ga over these products!!!! I have already started on the gel eye liner and the eye shadow tattoo. Watch out for the detailed reviews!!

*UPDATE: mybeautyexpress is now