Review : The New L'Oreal Paris Infallible Lipsticks in Tender Berry (519) and Rambling Rose (212)

Product Claims (from website):
Infallible Lip Colour is a luxurious, comfortable and long lasting lip colour. The new range has with a broad spectrum of 15 gorgeous shades, from subdued neutrals to lively, vibrant shades. It offers 24 hours of vivid, high definition colour. Colour bond technology and combination of silicon micro spheres, captures colour on the lips for upto 10 hours for the ultimate beauty experience. Vitamin E keeps your lips moist, relaxed and hydrated. The creamy, conditioning base: Allows even application without flaking or fading.

I can't believe it has taken me this long to review this range of lipsticks I've been loving since months. When the L'Oreal Paris Infallible Lipsticks launched earlier this year, I rolled my eyes at their ridiculous price...and then I grabbed one during the sale... And one more during another sale. So much for being money minded. 

PACKAGING ~ I like the packaging, but its not something I expect in a lipstick that costs ~Rs. 1000, I think something fancier would have been better. However, the lipstick bullet seems sturdy and closes with a satisfying click. 

Tender Berry one of my favorite kind of shades - a perfect everyday pink color for my skintone. Similar to shades Mad about Mauve from Revlon and Enjoleuse from Bourjois & Mehr from MAC. It would have been more popular if L'Oreal had included in the press package they sent to bloggers. 

Rambling Rose looks is a bright, coral-red with-a-touch-of-pink on me. It perks up my complexion beautifully. I don't go for such bright shades because the scope of wearing them is quite less but I was mislead by the name. It is slightly neon, but not at all as neon as the Maybelline Bold Mattes range.

The Infallible lipsticks apply smoothly, they have a satiny matte finish though the lipstick looks matte. I've worn these for a long time and they are quite comfortable to wear. Rambling Rose Tender Berry cover my lip pigmentation in one swipe but Tender Berry looks better with multiple swipes. My upper lip is pigmented & the lower one is not, generally with lighter shades even after applying, my upper lip still looks darker than my lower lip. This is not the case with Tender Berry. 

Tender Berry is a lovely everyday color that will suit a variety of looks ranging from smokey eyes to a softer looks. Since Rambling Rose is a bright color, its best to make your lips the focal point of the look when trying this color. 

I don't think these are exceptionally long lasting lipsticks, which makes me seriously question the price point. Its very similar to the Moist Matte range in this aspect. I apply multiple layers of each lipstick and I'm careful while eating food so this way, these lipsticks wore for quite a long time on me. It did wear off a little from the center of my lips with time. They are not transfer-proof. 

They do not have an obvious fragrance.

If you apply multiple layers of lipstick like me, you'll definitely need a makeup remover with this range for proper removal. 

Tender Berry

Tender Berry

Tender Berry swatch

Rambling Rose

Rambling Rose

Rambling Rose swatch

Price : Rs. 999 / $15
Qty : 2.5g (!!!)
Availability : Amazon | Nykaa | JabongFlipkart

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Overall Verdict : 4/5
I like these lipsticks. That said, I do not think the formula is that extraordinary that it justifies the price tag. This range reminds of the Revlon Matte Balms in terms of the pigmentation, finish & comfort of wearing and that is one of my favorite range of lipsticks. The L'oreal Infallible wins in the shade range category (they have a multitude of shades) and consistency across shades. Revlon wins in the price & packaging category (and also if you like your lipsticks to feel minty).