ColorBar Touch and Blush in Tint of Pink // Perfect on the go companion ?

ColorBar Touch & Blush is the cutest lil thing. Conceptually, its great for beginners and those who don’t wear a lot of makeup but just need it for special occasions. The Touch & Blush range has an in-built applicator; a soft sponge through which the blush is dispensed. Unlike most applicators that come with blushes, this one is actually useful and integral to the product. You have to pat the sponge on your cheeks to apply the blush. The best part is that you absolutely do not need a blush brush because the sponge blends the blush as you pat it on. Superb concept.

ColorBar Touch and Blush in Tint of Pink Review Swatches Price Availability in India

My thoughts on ColorBar Touch & Blush in Tint of Pink :

The thing is the concept does not always work as per plan. Sometimes, the blush is dispensed unevenly onto the sponge and as a result you get an uneven blush application. When you try to correct it, you might end up with more product than needed, which means that you scramble hastily for your brush and compact so that you can blend everything out perfectly & not look like a clown.

Packaging : The cap has a mirror finish, so you can use the top of the cap (which features instructions to open the jar) as a mirror. To use the blush just pull up the cap (no need to twist) and to see the blush you have to twist the sponge applicator part till it comes loose. The packaging is great and will definitely not fall apart in your bag. So you can slip it into your bag for touch ups.

Here are the instructions. Just remove this sticker so you can use the cap as a mirror.
ColorBar Touch and Blush in Tint of Pink Review Swatches Price Availability in India

ColorBar Touch and Blush in Tint of Pink Review Swatches Price Availability in India

I will say that this is hygienic as long as you apply it on top of your base (foundation/BB cream). If applied directly on your bare skin, it can get unhygienic and there’s no way to sanitize the sponge quickly. You can spray some alcohol on it, but that will take a while to dry which means you have to keep the product open for long which will probably lead to some contamination!

Shade : I have the shade Tint of Pink which is a mid tone pink color with shimmer. The color is similar to Inglot AMC blush #48 in swatches but it is lighter when applied on my cheeks. I had to unscrew the bottle and swatch the product and you see there is almost no shimmer in the swatch but it is not so on my cheeks. On looking up close there’s visible shimmer on my cheeks, especially if I apply multiple layers. However this shimmer is visible just upclose so there’s no need to worry that you’ll look like a disco ball. This color will suit fair to medium skin tones. Deeper skintones can opt for Breezy Pink, which is a lovely bright pink color.

ColorBar Touch and Blush in Tint of Pink Review Swatches Price Availability in India

ColorBar Touch and Blush in Tint of Pink Review Swatches Price Availability in India

I’m going to put it out there that I think the blush is finely milled because that would explain how it blends so easily. However, shimmer in it is not as finely milled as it can be, for example Sleek Makeup Face Form kit has a highlighter & shimmery blush and they give  a lovely pearly finish. 

For the first few times I used the ColorBar Touch and Blush, the product took such a long time to reach the sponge so I had to unscrew the sponge and lightly dip it into the jar containing the blush so that I could use the blush. So keep this in mind when you’re first using the product.

Weartime : On me it wears for a good  5 hours before fading away, which is average weartime of any blush on me (currently my skintype is normal).

Product vs Price :

Price : Rs. 499 / $7.5
Qty : 3gm / 0.03 oz
Shades : Tint Of Pink (001), Paparazzi Bronze (002), Breezy Pink (003), Cheeky Peach (004)
Availability : Nykaa | Amazon | Koovs
The price might feel steep considering the quantity, but this quantity actually lasts for a long time.

Note: The testers of all these shades look really shimmery, if you could test the product out on your hands/cheeks , it will give you a better idea about the shade. 

Overall Verdict : 4/5

The ColorBar Touch & Blush is conceptually a great product and its available in some really good colors. I really wish they had some matte shades to because the more you build this blush up, the more shimmer you get. Like most drugstore blushes, it has an average weartime. I don’t think you will be disappointed if you buy it. I like to use it for special occasions like festivals and weddings where I need to frequently touch up my makeup & where shimmery blushes are most welcome. The packaging is definitely something new in the Indian market.